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Comment: Re:My office mate from India (Score 2, Interesting) 355

by Epistax (#28239465) Attached to: Microsoft's Bing Refuses Search Term "Sex" In India
Sure, why not? If your whole perception of the universe has changed since then, that's exactly the kind of thing that'll let you know. The parent never suggested that you would have to, in this case, touch the hand on the burner until it left serious damage, but just enough to know that the old rules still apply.

You're on what might be your only trip through this universe. Don't waste it. ANYTHING might change. Just don't count on it.

Comment: Re:This is a monopolistic move (Score 2, Informative) 141

by Epistax (#28229453) Attached to: Intel Buys Embedded Software Vendor Wind River
If Intel in any way restricts VxWorks for other architectures compared to any of Intel's, I think real time Linux work will surge. Right now (for us) VxWorks really is the only solution. The current real time-ish Linuxes available are not deterministic enough (we took probe measurements), but if that changes, we might gladly switch, if only because of the extreme cost of VxWorks. It'll also be interesting to see what happens to the support department behind VxWorks, as it has waned recently.

Comment: Re:The movie that shouldn't have been made. (Score 1) 523

by Epistax (#27291713) Attached to: I saw Watchmen, and I thought ...
Dr. Manhattan was far from a god. He was able to reassemble particles to create complex machinery, but nothing nearing the complexity of a person. Even if he found it important, he wouldn't know how to fix a person. He explicitly stated that he was not able to mess with anyone's will. He himself was very weak willed and was easily influenced by others. He was very potent, but not omnipotent or omniscient.

So yes, he could have destroyed the Earth with his mind, but he could not create a utopian society. He didn't even know how to make one person happy, let alone everyone.

Comment: Re:Makes you wonder... (Score 1) 299

by Epistax (#26777411) Attached to: CCP To Discontinue EVE Online Support For Linux

This definition for emulate fits:
1. to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass
wine attempts to equal or excel the windows adaptation of the win32 api, at least in specific regards.

Let's go for computer specific:
to imitate (a particular computer system) by using a software system, often including a microprogram or another computer that enables it to do the same work, run the same programs, etc., as the first.
Okay so anything that fits "to imitate by using a software system".

As best I can tell the argument you're putting forth is that it's a complete coincidence that the implementation behind the Win32 specification on Windows and the implementation behind the Win32 specification in wine are behave the same, and that's rather silly.

Emulation isn't about copying what's under the hood. If two things implement the same interface, they emulate each other. A hamburger patty emulates a carrot in that they can both be cooked (that is, they both implement the cookable interface, they share some API). There doesn't even need to be any intent!

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.