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And THAT is what keyfiles are for. Pick a random .dll or some such that's part of Windows (or OS of your choice) as a keyfile so that there's nothing suspicious about the file itself. Simply don't select the keyfile when entering the password and you're good.

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by Totenglocke (#47317469) Attached to: Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant
You're technically correct - TSA can't force you to give them your passwords, but they will "detain" you until you do. If that means you miss your flight or end up locked in a cell, they don't care. That is why I refuse to fly anymore - we have a terrorist organization running our airports and they will do everything they can to permanently ruin your life if you so much as wince when they shove their fingers up your ass.

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Today, the United States Supreme Court ruled that cell phones cannot be searched without a warrant. When asked for comment, police chief John Smith told this reporter "I don't give a fuck about your Supreme Court or your Constitution. If we want to search your fucking phone, you bet your ass we'll do it - and if you try to stop us, we'll shoot you. Kneel, peasants."

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Of course. The youngest member of SCOTUS is 59 years old. If they can't program a VCR, do you honestly expect them to understand what "cable" means? To them, a computer is a magic box just like a TV is a magic box. The will always rule against new technologies because they do not understand them.

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When it comes to graduate education, I left to Finland where universities do not charge fees (all university education is free),

It's not free, it's paid for by the Finnish taxpayers. Yeah, it's a neat loophole, but it's pretty douchey for you to go to Finland, get your advanced degree, then go back to your home country and leave the Finnish taxpayers holding the bill for it all.

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Jesus Christ, learn to do some research. It's been established many times over that in the 18th century the term "well regulated" meant "well functioning / in proper order". It wasn't until the late 19th / early 20th century that "regulated" came to mean "highly controlled by the government". Thus a "well regulated" (meaning well trained) militia needed the freedom to own and carry arms. It's rather annoying that those who want to completely ban a civil right are the least knowledgeable on the subject that they argue against. It's like a redneck who's never even seen a Muslim or read a single like of the Qu'ran arguing that we need to ban Islam.

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