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Comment Re:ID Tags on the particles? (Score 2) 151 151

The surrounding ice around the detector array acts as a scintillator which generates a minute track of light as the particle passes thru the area. That immediately gives directionality, and energy in eV is computed by summing the light response from the entire detector array during that "event".

Comment Re:Cold fusion again? (Score 1) 368 368

You're correct this is the same approach as Rossi and others, altho the implementation details are probably slightly different. I think the goal of the NASA experiment is to find out what is actually happening (mentioned in a press release from the NASA Langley director which I can't seem to pull up at the moment) rather than throwing around some buzzwords and trying to sell a product.

Comment Re:Bitcoin haters (Score 1) 381 381

You can buy bitcoins with cash pretty anonymously.
1. Create anonymous identity on a site like bitcoin247 using tormail
2. Do a cash deposit transaction into that BTC account (the bank doesn't even ask for your name)
3. Trade your BTC thru a few instawallet sites using different quantities
4. ???
5. Profit!

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