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Comment: Re:Neutrino Mass (Score 5, Interesting) 92

Lattice gauge theorist here -- we're working on that.

I agree with your interpretation -- this very well may just mean that the QCD part is hard and the theorists didn't correctly estimate systematic errors from it. However, there's quite a push in the lattice community to actually calculate the messy nonperturbative parts, so there's hope that this will be sorted out from the theory side alongside the new Fermilab experiment.

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by Entropius (#47656367) Attached to: The Fiercest Rivalry In Tech: Uber vs. Lyft

They're doing dirty tricks to each other. The service they provide to customers is still better than the city cabs.

We don't need "regulations" here. If Uber and Lyft are getting trolled by each other then they will need to build anti-troll safeguards into their business model, which they are able to do on their own. There's no problem here that rules from City Hall (other than the standard ones against fraud, like requesting a ride with no intent to actually use it) will fix.

Comment: Re: There we go again (Score 1) 383

by Entropius (#47648509) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

The trouble is that measuring entropy is hard as it depends on context.

"Frutyyzlrdkgejk" looks like a string of characters with high entropy. So does "Cthulhufthagn". One is likely to be tried by an intelligent password cracker long before the other.

"Football purple dizzy rainbow" looks like four words chosen at random and thus has high entropy. So does "correct horse battery staple." One of these is a much weaker password than the other.

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Deciding how to measure monitors is sort of tricky; what exactly does that 22" refer to? Viewable area, viewable area minus bezel width, or what? This is well known in the monitor world, and maybe it shouldn't be so, but an educated purchaser could probably figure out what 22" meant. (If they said '22" viewable area', that's different.)

In this case, 1080p means something specific, and the product wasn't that. Now it's an absolutely stupid and trivial complaint, but as others have said, if we don't want them taking a mile we shouldn't give them an inch.

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Water being provided by the public sector makes sense for a completely separate reason: it's a thing that is very difficult to define property rights over. Who owns the groundwater under Tucson, AZ? Does your average Jose have the right to drill a well on his land and pump out however much he wants and sell it? What about slurping water out of the Santa Cruz River? (You're probably saying that you've never heard of the Santa Cruz River. That's because it's not there any more -- we poured it all on crops. It's now something of a hilarity among Tucsonans to name things "River X" that are near the dry riverbed.)

Water rights are hard as hell and very difficult to incorporate into a reasonable scheme of private property. Same with radio spectrum, for that matter. Things like food are easy: own some land, plant fruit trees, sell fruit out of truck. Certainty over the solution space doesn't necessarily mean that something should be in the public sector -- farming practices for apples and the design of toilets are pretty well optimized* by this point, but there have been no moves to nationalize the apple or shitting industry.

*The Japanese robo-toilets may disagree.

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