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Comment: Re:Matlab (Score 1) 122

by Enry (#49516127) Attached to: Swift Tops List of Most-Loved Languages and Tech

Are you saying that if they were overwhelmingly female that they would appreciate MATLAB more?

I don't know. In my only actual programming job in the early 90s I worked with some great MUMPS developers who happened to be female and they were at a far higher percentage of the developers I worked with than listed in the survey. I'm just pointing out that the demographics of the SO survey may not really represent what the programming community is, so what they say as what they like may not be reality.

Also, consider that it is Stack Overflow. It's mostly code-snipet "programmers" and people looking for help with homework.

That's true. It's been a real help in (re)learning Python.

Comment: Re:Feds (Score 2) 184

That sounds more like a problem with the insurance company than the medical provider. I have a high-deductible insurance and I've been notified well in advance of the amount they covered and the amount that I'm responsible for (which itself may be different than what the original bill amount was). Looking at a cough may be a simple transaction, but if it turns out the person has lung cancer the ICD-10 codes will start piling up. By describing procedures in a consistent way you can ensure that billing is actually more open, since you can go to various providers and say "how much for a V97.33XD?" and get an answer back on what they'd bill.

It's not easy now, and ICD-10 was only recently implemented in a lot of places (despite being out for 20 years), but it should make things easier over time.

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