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Comment: Better to wait (Score 1) 203

by Enry (#48432941) Attached to: Harvard Students Move Fossil Fuel Stock Fight To Court

They're better off waiting until after they graduate and get asked for money for the endowment to make their move. While the endowment will survive for a long time, it's also used to help balance budgets for any of the other Harvard schools (Harvard Med, for example, does some heavy drawing when grant money runs low). That means that they still rely on new money coming in, and that's when graduates can start banding together and saying "we'll contribute when you divest". That will get the message across far better than now.

Comment: Huh? (Score 1) 555

by Enry (#48428019) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon

"Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer"

Well that's not too bad...I mean I want to get my daughter interested in this stuff too and...

instead of writing the code, she enlists two boys to write the code as she just does the design.

Huh, well, design is an important part of computer engineering, and...

She then proceeds to infect her computer and her sister's computer with a virus and must enlist the boys to fix that for her as well.

Ah, well..

In the end she takes all the credit, and proclaims "I guess I can be a computer engineer!"


Comment: Re:How do you get good people to step up? (Score 4, Insightful) 204

by Enry (#48378897) Attached to: Your Incompetent Boss Is Making You Unhappy

Honestly, it depends on the outlook of the boss. I went from technical to management and back to sorta technical/sorta management. The proper attitude for a mid-level manager especially for technical staff is "what can I do to make sure they can do their job?". And that's how I approached my staff at the time - what do they need from me, what tasks do I think they could be doing to further their career, what grunt work stuff has to be done and assigned to somebody? Balance all that out, make sure your team knows you are looking out for them (and take their side when dealing with upper management) and you'll have their support and enthusiasm. I wound up getting laid off and still talk to the people that used to work for me. They say I was one of the best managers they had, partially because I was technical enough to know what they were talking about, but also I was working with them before being promoted so I was almost literally in their shoes and could see their side of issues.

Comment: Doesn't matter how you do it in the real world (Score 1) 320

by Enry (#48370731) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

The policies of the university prohibit that behavior. Taking someone else's code, striking their authorship and copyright statements is not the right thing to do, either in class or in the real world. Have I used code or snippets from others? Yes, but I usually include the URL where I got it from and/or retain the original author information while adding my own and I expect others that take my code to retain all previous statements when the made changes.

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Comment: Re:Should be confidential/private (Score 1) 301

by Enry (#48370575) Attached to: Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation

I see your point. It's still a tricky problem to solve for the largest number of cases while keeping the contents of the videos safe from both police and public tampering. The examples I've seen in the past were police interactions with the public that potentially has the public in the background for some reason, or tracking of citizens like tracking license plates. Police video + facial recognition = 0 security.

Comment: Cautiously optimistic (Score 1) 242

by Enry (#48362695) Attached to: HBO Developing Asimov's Foundation Series As TV Show

I got HBO..well..mainly because Verizon gave it to me for free for a few months, but after watching Newsroom, John Oliver, and some of the other original programming they've done (From the Earth to the Moon, Band of Brothers), I think they could nail this. I mean, all of the talk about doing World War Z properly would be to make it a miniseries on HBO. Sure a TV show might need to change a few things but there's lots of opportunity for background stories to make this into a multi-season show.

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