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+ - Purchasing a copy of Windows as a Linux user is hard!

Submitted by EnigmaPhoenix
EnigmaPhoenix writes: How would you rate your windows buying experience? If you are a Linux user 0. Long read but this was my experience today trying to buy Windows 8.1 without access to a Windows machine (so I fudged no access to a Windows machine). Longish read, but I'm amazed at how hard it is for a Linux user to get a non-physical copy of Windows.

Jennifer: Thanks for contacting Microsoft Store Chat! My name is Jennifer, how can I help you today?
You: Hello. Just purchased windows 8.1 and need to download the iso (not this installer). How do I go about that?
Jennifer: Hello
Jennifer: I'd be happy to help you with Windows today!
Jennifer: Ok, let me get you that ISO link
You: thank you!
Jennifer: Please click here to Create installation media for Windows 8.1
Jennifer: You're welcome!
You: no link directly to an iso? will be creating the bootable usb from linux.
Jennifer: You will need to create one, I do apologize.
You: I am creating a bootable usb. but I cant run this setup file from linux. Thus just need the iso.
You: In short. I'm a linux user looking to install windows. To do so I need the iso to create media.
Jennifer: Right, you will do this from a PC.
You: a pc running linux.
Jennifer: Yes, that link above is to create the ISO file on a USB from a PC.
You: from a windows pc. lol
Jennifer: Yes, that is correct
You: let me understand. I am a linux user that wants to install windows and I cant so so from a fresh install after purchasing the product because I'm on linux.
Jennifer: I do understand, what you will need to do is create the ISO file from a PC and then install it from there
You: I'm on a PC. Just not a windows PC. So no solution other than run the windows program from windows when you dont have windows?
Jennifer: You are not running the program you are burning the ISO file but you will need to do this from a Windows PC. That is correct
You: well. That's a no go then. Although great meme material. I understand you personally dont have a solution here and I appreciate the help. But this creates quite the issue for someone using linux to adopt windows.
Jennifer: I can get you over to customer service to see if they have another option.
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.
info: Privacy Statement
You are now chatting with 'Hilda'.
Hilda: Thank you for contacting Microsoft Store, my name is Hilda. I will be handling your concern from here please give me 2 to 3 minutes to review the previous conversation.
You: Thank you.
You: Just need to download the iso really, legally. Trying to do the right thing here and purchase this product for use.
Hilda: What is your current OS?
You: Ubuntu 14.04
You: I've got bootable media ready, just need to extract the iso to it.
Hilda: Oh so you need a .iso so create a bootable file, the link can't be found on our web site you can only be provided by our Windows 8 tech
Hilda: I am sorry but that concern is already out of our support scope, but nothing to worry since we have a certain department that can surely assist you with this concern, you may call WINDOWS 8 at 1-877-696-7786 Mon — Fri 8 AM – 12 AM EST Sat & Sun 12 PM – 6 PM EST or if you prefer online support you may call chat them at http://answerdesk.microsoftsto....
You: Well, I appreciate the help Hilda. But this Windows buying experience is getting out of hand. What's a Linux user to do. I suppose I will have to call.
Hilda: I am sorry for what happened you may contact them online if you want http://answerdesk.microsoftsto....
You: Appreciate that.
Hilda: Thank you for visiting Microsoft Store again this is Hilda, have a wonderful day
You: Appreciate that.
Hilda: Thank you:)

Comment: Browser support... (Score 1) 54

by EnigmaPhoenix (#34604826) Attached to: Join a Worldwide Planet Search
When your site doesn’t support eh second most popular browser and does support the least programmer friendly one (safari) I have to pass purely on principal. Personally I use multiple browsers, but this is obviously a political statement on the projects part, not a technical limitation. If they get off of the horse and slip into reality I may reconsider.

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