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Comment: Still waiting on Commander Keen Source (Score 5, Interesting) 210

by Emrikol (#36991630) Attached to: <em>Doom 3</em> Source Code To Be Released This Year

I emailed Carmack in '06 about releasing the source code to Commander Keen, and I got this reply:

We sort of lost the source code to most of the early games, or I would have released them long ago.

When I emailed Romero about it, he replied:

Yes, I have the source but have to figure out if all of it is complete and buildable. I think it is from the last time I checked it out a year ago or so. And it's 99% coded in C with a couple asm routines. :)

I emailed Carmack back saying Romero had the code, and I emailed Romero back saying Carmack wanted to release it.

Never heard back from either one :(

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