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Comment: Re:I had to look up sparse array (Score 0) 124 124

Just finished 10 questions from a sample test: and I would rate it as FizzBuzz*2. FizzBuzz would be in the lower half of difficulty.

If anything I was a bit slow taking it as I was looking for trick questions that weren't there. But I would say that someone who could pass that test would have at least the basic tools to go fourth and program.

Plus it is in Java which I haven't touched since 2000.

Comment: I had to look up sparse array (Score 1) 124 124

But once I looked it up the solution was completely obvious. The wikipedia entry suggests a linked list, while I was also thinking associative array.

Now my curiosity is demanding a sample copy of the test that I can take. Beyond not having memorized many of the terms I wonder how I would do after 20+ years of programming.

With these sort of tests I often worry that it is just Bulimia Learning where you have to memorize esoterica while never learning to actually program. For instance for you C++ wizzards out there can you answer this one: "What is the compl keyword for? And why is is needed?" Surely as an accomplished C++ programmer you know all the keywords, there aren't that many. (I had to look it up).

But if I look at a sample exam and find out it is all FizzBuzz then I will have a little weep for the children.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 328 328

I didn't say that she was a republican, more that she is dresses like a little miss perfect young republican. I don't really see much difference between the two parties as I judge them by their actions not their words.

I find that democrats don't actually dress much differently but that republicans are a bit more consistent.

Comment: Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 328 328

I have met many Oracle salespeople and she fits the mould perfectly. Young republican hair and clothing style. Uptight. Sleazy. Looks like she either uses you or ignores you if you aren't getting her a sale. And has that I arrived at 6am for work and thus am superior to you regardless of your actual contribution.

She recently had a kid and I am willing to bet that the kid is being raised by nannies.

Thus what kind of crap would she give about customers? Customers exist to be exploited for a better year end bonus. Great products are for the weak.

Comment: When people ask me to help them get java working (Score 2) 328 328

When people ask me to help them get java working I say no bloody way. My simple theory is that Java in the enterprise might be a good thing but java on the home machine is just asking for trouble. To me Java has a perfect storm of people not wanting it. First is that Java must be regularly updated to keep it safe. But I don't trust these updates to not screw me over in some fashion, either through malware such as this or simply popping up at an inconvenient time. For instance I am often recording video tutorials. There is nothing worse than some software update popup showing up in the middle. Especially if it is one of these focus grabbing popups. But the java update is a total bastard as it keeps turning itself back on after I keep turning it off.

So I basically danced around my office when I read that chrome and firefox were pretty much killing Java as an extension/addon.

But adding malware to their install just makes me laugh at how stupid these MBAs are. Yes in the next few quarters they will make lots of money. But how many quarters before people will have significantly reduced their downloads?

Also for Yahoo, I hate for their trashy approach to getting users. Make a great product and then people might come. Fooling them into coming is just scummy. So now people will lump Yahoo in with the various sites that over the years have tried to use deception as their marketing tool.

For those of you out there all touchy about Java, my comments are not about the Java language, but the java product.

Comment: Public domains only help the bad and hurt the good (Score 2) 86 86

Quite simply my Whois data has only been abused. I have received phony bills from fictitious domain registries. I have received threatening letters from companies that I was violating this or that. And then there is the endless spam. Except that this spam carefully exploits the data found in my whois data.

On the other-hand I don't know of anyone who benefited from whois data beyond curiosity.

Comment: MongoDB is so 2003. (Score 4, Informative) 175 175

There is exactly a zero percentage chance that I will ever use MongoDB in another project. On the surface it was great. I evangelized my friends about it and the whole NoSQL thing. But as time went by I realized that it wasn't made for people to use. Almost nothing was intuitive. For each new feature that I wanted I had to look up a tutorial and generally found a list of gotchas. If you design your project around MongoDB then it will work. But if you try to wrap MongoDB around your project then you are completely screwed.

Basically MongoDB halved the initial quarter of data storage design and programming. But as the project progressed the time spent screwing with Mongo went up exponentially until the project was shoved out the door and primary feature in version 2 was the complete removal of MongoDB.

I could make a mile long list of places the project stumbled. But a few key ones would be that there are no good data management tools for accessing a MongoDB. The second was that huge schema screwups were way too easy. It was very hard for programmers to get a mile high overview of how data being stored was being structured. That is a data layout was easy but putting the results into your head was really hard.

I am finding other NoSQL approaches are far superior. Things such as use of JSON, memcaches, MariaDB (or the excellent PostgreSQL) working together allows the project to dictate how things function instead of Mongo very quickly shaping the project architecture because of its marked strengths and weaknesses.

Redis is the environment presently being explored for version 4 and so far it is looking very interesting. But I am not joking when I say that at this point I would use access on windows as my backend datastore before I would use MongoDB.

Comment: I dumped Objective-C and haven't looked back. (Score 1) 173 173

I learned Objective-C so that I could deploy on iOS and otherwise wouldn't have given the language a second look. Then I discovered Cocos-2d which makes C++ on iOS, Android, etc very easy so boom I happily made the leap back to C++ and haven't looked back. There is pretty much zero chance that I will write more than a few dozen lines of Objective-C again in my life. There is also pretty much zero posibility that I will write any swift and I certainly have dodged the Java bullet for Android.

About the only problems that I have encountered are some artificial ones where some API features are cut off from me without a tiny bit of Objective-C or Java. But those tiny bits get wrapped in a C++ class and forgotten.

Comment: Full reboot (Score 1) 137 137

Simply pretend that the old ones didn't exist and go back to the awe and wonder of having the restart and discover the whole thing again.

What made this movie far less enjoyable was that they built a park full of angry dinos and oddly enough the angry dinos got way out of control. Sort of hard to believe when they are literally sitting on the remains of a park destroyed by out of control angry dinos.

Minimally I would think that they would have layer upon layer of solutions for any one of the dinos getting out and rampaging. This would include something like an implant that explodes/incapacitates on command or if there is an attempt at removing it.

The next layer would be lots of heavy calibre dino killing munitions.

Next in the future the walkie talkies could talk to space let alone around a large zoo.

Lastly why would some loves-the-people CEO have an angry military department one step away from a coup d'etat? Plus one helicopter and one pilot in that huge mountainous facility?

Basically the entire plan seemed to be to build the worst zoo ever and keep pushing it until it broke apart.

Even if the giant dino hadn't gotten out then they would have had one a year later that was a full on fire breathing dragon. Then the next year they would have cooked up the worm things from Tremors. Or tribbles for the gift shop.

Comment: Why would the festival cooperate? (Score 3, Informative) 134 134

Why would the festival cooperate? Basically they are saying to their customer that their privacy is of no value. Not only is this cruel but it also indicates that the festival will probably sell on any data they have gathered on the festival goers.

It is this callous disregard for privacy that screams for laws that clamp down on any organization, including the police, from being able to gather data. Quite simply I want a law that prevents any organization from gathering data that isn't crucial for the transaction and to not be able to share that data without a warrant. Thus I want this reaching the point where the power company can only gather the minimum amount of data to send me a bill and deliver my service. I don't even want them noting my gender. Then I pretty much want them not to be able to share that data with their own marketing department, let alone "trusted third parties".

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