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Comment Re:spectrum grab (Score 1) 50 50

It's going to be fun to watch the 2 trends kill the IDS ?:
- Multipath protocols like MPTCP
- encrypted by default protocols. Like HTTP/2 (on the public Internet)

I really doubt IDS will be useful in the long run, but hey I can still be wrong. Maybe we'll just deploy them as proxies. It's possible.

Comment Re:MPTCP vs MLPPP? (Score 1) 50 50

Yes, the good thing about MPTCP is it works automatically when operating systems adopt it and add it to client OS and server OS.

They are using a proxy in the case of these smartphones because very little servers on the Internet support it right now.

It's offered as a premium service to their customers, so maybe these 5500 or so active customers have special need apps.

Operating system adoption:
iOS has support for MPTCP but it's only enabled for Siri, for testing their implementation of MPTCP I guess.

Solaris are adding it, an implementation for FreeBSD and (even multiple I believe for) Linux exist. There seems to be some customer pressure now from Linux customers to have it in mainline (financial, like Solaris). So my guess is it's going to happen this or next year ? Well I hope so anyway. The Linux best known implementation has already existed for a couple of years now.

Comment Re:1 Gbps (Score 1) 50 50

You are probably not serious anyway, but I'm going to give you a serious comment anyway.

Quota's are measured in bytes received/sent.

Bandwidth just means how fast you are sending/receiving.

If you are trying to download something large, do you want to download it fast and run out of quota fast. Or do you want to wait a long time before receiving all of it and then run out of quota ?

I know what I would choose: a country where you don't have quota on wired at least.

Comment Re:MPTCP vs MLPPP? (Score 1) 50 50

Boding works at a lower layer. Bonding assumes you are talking to the same network gateway/service provider (you use just one IP).

MPTCP clearly does not. It let's, for example, a TCP-client talk to a TCP-server over any path the client or server has available to them. This means you can combine different connections/paths from different service providers.

Comment If it is some kind of war (Score 2) 77 77

I wouldn't be surprised if it's closest to a guerrilla war.

It's hard to recognize the attackers before and after the battle, they are part of the crowd.

With Anonymous and these other groups from for example Russia or Arabic countries, they might have no (direct) affiliation with any state. Just the 'cause'.

Comment Re:WebM (Score 1) 93 93

I don't want to be a grammar nazi but technically you are comparing apples to oranges.

WebM is a container format, not a codec.

The codec you are talking about is probably: VP8.

An other newer codec also exitst VP9 which is better than H.264.

But obviously it's trying to compete with H.265. The gap between VP9 and H.265 is a lot smaller than between VP8 and H.264. Actually the gap is still getting smaller. VP9 is still improving. H.265 not so much.

Comment Re:I think that we can all agree on two facts... (Score 1) 213 213

I might actually think that a guy with commodore 64 certifications on his wall was cool. I would first figure out if he took them seriously. "We are a commodore shop here." would probably leave me stunned for a minute or two before I could run.

Comment I love these rate my doctor sites (Score 1) 245 245

These rate my doctor sites seem to generally be right on the money. Our first two dentists really sucked, and when I checked them out on these sites the consensus was that they sucked. Then when I read about some doctor losing their licence in my area I will check out their rating and with a single glaring exception they always have comments such as, "I have no idea where Dr. X got his licence to practice but a crackerjack box would be a good start.".

Then when I finally used these sites to find our present Dr. and Dentist the sites said they were great and they were causing me to add the chorus of glowing reviews.

Comment I think that we can all agree on two facts... (Score 3, Insightful) 213 213

The first fact is that this guy is technically correct. HR departments go all weak in the knees for certification. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some certification farm out there crapping out certifications in cmake.

But this completely misses the point as to the actual value a certification actually has when it comes to the reality of programming or maintaining/implementing systems. Most of us will agree that the value here is low to potentially negative. A wonderful personal example was that years ago my company asked me to become MSDN certified in something. In order to regurgitate the correct answers for the test I memorized all kinds of crap. But some of it was actually quite helpful. There were some bits about NT boot configs that suddenly made sense.

But the flaw was that I was already very good at working with NT servers. If I were in some stripmall comp collage studying this as my first exposure to computer stuff then it would have meant nothing and yet with some good studying I would have been "certified" to administer NT servers.

But where this really breaks down is when you get a shop that is completely filled with people from a certain company's certifications. I have met companies that say "We are a MSDN shop." Full stop. They won't even consider any other technology.

But my happy moment was years ago when our head of IT who had "over $20,000 worth of Novell certifications there on that wall" was installing a Novell server on his brand new shiny Dell powerhouse. But it wouldn't install. So he gets Dell tech support on the phone and ends up with their top tier who said, "We don't support that old Novell stuff anymore. If it runs on any of our machines it is luck not design. But I know for a fact that it won't run on that machine you have there." Now with this IT guy the whole development staff had long been trying to get Novell out of the building but the IT head swore by it and had a thousand defences as to why it was the best. But the day Dell said No was the day we were able to leverage that into finally getting Novell out of the building.

I have similar stories with other certifications.

So while I don't doubt that they can often increase the individual's salary and I don't doubt that the process of an existing capable user would potentially be enhanced by certification. I do suggest that the damage that is done by certifications being turned into religious scrolls could be enormous to companies that suddenly are "locked in" to a certain technology and not only stop considering alternatives but actively consider alternatives to be heresy.

"History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions." -- Ted Koppel