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Comment: Re:Buy some suntain lotion (Score 0) 230 230

You've hacked a bank and now you're a terrorist. Expect a visit from the FBI and a taxpayer funded trip to Cuba.

Vinegar Joe is, unfortunately, probably correct. The last time this happened the person was sent to jail and faced a hefty fine. http://appleinsider.com/articl...

Sorry mate, but reporting vulnerabilities puts you behind bars.

Comment: Re:great news. (Score 1) 407 407

Under US Federal law it doesn't matter. If parent had any amount of drugs it's a felony, and in many areas comes with a mandatory minimum sentence. If parent has over an arbitrary amount of a drug then it's considered "possession with intent to distribute," which is a felony that can result in jail times longer than if parent had killed someone

Also, statistically, if someone arrested is not white then expect a harsher sentence in the US.

Comment: Re:DRM on ... apps? (Score 1) 135 135

Actually that's a common justification for piracy. Ex: "I've already paid for it once, I'm not paying $XX just to get a Blue Ray version."

The thing to remember about phone apps is they tend to transfer within the same ecosystem. You buy an app for your old phone, and it'll pop up on your new phone as well.

PC software piracy is alive and well. Just look at any college where the students have to use proprietary software. Sure they could go to the labs, but they want it on their PCs and can't afford the $1000s per copy licence fee.

Comment: Re:Boeing says not a theoretical problem ... (Score 1) 142 142

The funny part being that iPads and the MS Surfaces are rated for Cockpit use. Pilots are now using these all the time because it saves them from having to carry around 30lbs worth of paper charts. It's kind of a big deal if the pilot isn't allowed to double check where he or she is going because the plane might break. Oh, and when I say carry around I mean it. Things like charts are per pilot, not per aircraft.

Comment: Re:The real breakthrough - no more electrolytic ca (Score 3, Informative) 182 182

While it seems like a good idea to have a low voltage circuit, there some unfortunate realities that have to be taken into consideration. Mainly you need much thicker wiring to keep your resistive losses low. It's actually cheaper to have a transformer in the light fixture itself than it is to run heavy guage wire everywhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment: Re:Tragic technology failure ... (Score 1) 183 183

Compared to out-of-control, control is nice; but compared to 'just fucking works' it's a thankless chore and a good opportunity to make mistakes.


Though to be fair, there are many inconveniences people will put up with to not be dead or in a hospital.

Comment: Re:autoplay sucks anyway (Score 1) 108 108

If slashdot ever decided to pull this shit

Doesn't it? I don't have flash installed so it doesn't happen to me, but I seem to remember it beginning to occur recently if I visited slashdot with chrome

Is it the ads? For all that site operators hate Ad blockers they forget to look at the bandwidth and compute resources their own advertisements take up. Especially flash ads.

Of course, even if most sites did fix that issue, all it takes is one obnoxious site that's needed for something to convince a person to install an Ad blocker. Then there's the user tracking aspect....

Comment: Re:There is actually one problem with opensource (Score 1) 185 185

I've prototyped a few boards with KiCad and didn't even know about it. I'm going to spend some time trying to find it now. Honestly, it's great software, but even after memorizing some of the shortcuts I feel like Eagle is faster and easier to use. Plus the inconsistent naming with footprints being called modules, and other small UI usability issues are annoying. I guess it's a familiarity issue, but once again a commercial company has become something of a hobbyist standard. I'm still using KiCad though...

Comment: Re:There is actually one problem with opensource (Score 2) 185 185

If I were in charge of something like the city of Munich I would put out a memo that says, "If you talk to a large software vendor then your continued employment is unlikely."

Wow, I would never want to work for you. I mean I love Linux and open source. Heck, don't even have Windows installed on any of my PCs, but to say no proprietary thing ever.... There are really neat things and software packages out there. Sure they cost a fortune, but the Open Source versions are crap in comparison. Then you have to deal with industry standards / common training. This is where Microsoft has traditionally won, but their ribbon interface and Windows 8 threw those advantages out the window.

Here's a few examples. Cad software. There are FOSS versions available, but proprietary versions, like Eagle, are significantly easier to use. Another example is DMX lighting controller software. The Hog 3 PC software sucks and costs a fortune, but it's commonly used and the FOSS versions are unusable for large on the fly modification.

A common retort is to just hire a person to code what is needed. Here's the thing, I can't. First, because I need the software now not two years from now. Second, because in many organizations the equipment budget is handled separately from the labor budget. Good luck trying to shuffle that money around.

With all that said, I'm glad Munich has stayed the course. There's no way this rollout could have been easy, but they did it!

Comment: Re:Many languages and... (Score 1) 729 729

Anyhow, if you prefer to not religiously bracket your if/else conditions, the behavior of semicolons in your language can cause problems.

Some people hate this because brackets "clutter" the code, but Apple's goto fail bug was caused by a developer accidentally duplicating a line, and not bracketing the if() statement.

Comment: Re:Welcome to Australia, Ferengi. (Score 1) 139 139

overall, very few products I've encountered are that shabbily made (in fact the only one I can think of was a portable DVD player made by a company which went bankrupt anyway a few months later, so I would've been out the warranty even if I'd bought it in the EU).

Haven't bought a Toshiba have you? They have a 3 month warranty, they DMCA repair guides, you can't get parts to fix them yourself, and repairs start at over $200 then go up. When there shit breaks within 6 to 9 months it doesn't make me a happy customer.

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