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Comment: Re:A Strawman for the Symptom (Score 2, Informative) 723

by Emperor Zombie (#26877421) Attached to: Pirate Bay P2P Trial Begins In Sweden

Copyright infringement, as I understand it, has to do with taking something and claiming it is yours (e.g., you take my sheet music, put your name on it, and sell it as yours).

Then you don't understand it. Copyright infringement is simply unauthorized use of copyrighted material, e.g. making copies. What you're talking about is plagiarism.

Comment: Re:Depends (Score 1) 1475

by Emperor Zombie (#26498347) Attached to: Google Challenging Proposition 8

You bring up murderers as an example, but a person convicted of murder can still get married, right? Where's the proposition outlawing marriage for convicted criminals?

The question isn't whether the Bible considers homosexuality a sin, but why Christians have decided to focus almost exclusively on this one particular sin.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?