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Comment: Re:No kidding! (Score 1) 601

by Emperor Skull (#27234613) Attached to: Auto Safety Tech May Encourage Dangerous Driving
Yep. My friend owned a 1979 Midget. I rode with him 3 times. The car broke down and we walked home all 3 times. The last time it was actually more comfortable to walk in 20 degree weather than to ride because in the car I thought my shoes might melt from the heat in the footwell and I thought I might get frostbite on my face from the air leaks in the cabin.

Comment: Linux is so much better (Score 1) 821

by Emperor Skull (#26638175) Attached to: Windows 7 To Come In Multiple Versions
Compared to the 5 versions of Windows 7, how many distributions and versions of Linux are there to choose from? Look at Ubuntu/EduBunto/Gobunto/Xubunto as an example. If it's so obvious that multiple versions of Windows 7 are going to confuse the masses and doom it to failure then what does that say about Linux?

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