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Journal: Recruiters in the IT Industry

Journal by Emperor Shaddam IV

I would just like to take a little time to vent about recruiting in the IT industry. Once upon a time, you used to actually be able to find "recruiters" that you could work with. These guys or gals would call you periodically, take you out to lunch every now and then and just keep in touch. They were honest, hard working, and if they said they had a job for you to consider - they were usually serious.

Today in 2010 I'm finding that:

1. Recruiters don't know anything about the technology they are recruiting for.
2. Bug you for resumes and even cover letters and then don't return you phone calls or respond to emails.
3. Want you to doctor your resume to fit the job.
4. Don't read or pay attention to the skills on your resume and then try to pitch a job to you that has nothing to do with your skill set.
5. Lie about the going rate or salary for a position - either tell you its going to be much higher and then lowering it about 4-5 times or trying to low-ball you.

And the recruiters wonder why they can't find good people. Maybe its because they have ticked all the decent people off and we don't want to deal with them anymore.

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