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+ - Neo4j - a Graph Database that Kicks Buttox->

Submitted by
thobe writes "Todd Hoff at High Scalability recently posted a writeup on the open source general purpose graph database Neo4j. From the article:

If you are Digg or LinkedIn you can build your own speedy graph database to represent your complex social network relationships. For those of more modest means Neo4j, a graph database, is a good alternative.

After explaining the core concepts of graph databases and why they provide a good way to store data the article goes on to describing the features of Neo4j and the status of the project. The comments section of the article contains some good additions to the article by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology (the commercial backer of Neo4j) with pointers on how to build real applications using graph databases. The comments also feature the beginnings of an interesting discussion on the role graph databases play in the future of the web."
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+ - Starbucks Responds in Kind to Oxfam YouTube Video

Submitted by
Kligmond writes "Last week, Starbucks placed a video on YouTube responding to a video posted by the Oxfam Charity. The Oxfam video was launched in conjunction with "Starbucks Day of Action" held December 16th, when activists visited Starbucks across the world in protest of the coffee retailer's alleged mistreatment of Ethiopian farmers.

The Starbucks video calmly addresses the Oxfam allegations, citing an impasse over Ethiopian trademark legalities. Starbucks claims the refusal to sign a trademark agreement with Ethiopia is a stumbling block they hope to resolve on behalf of the farmers. The coffee chain's representative goes on to refute the contention that Starbucks refuses to pay a fair price for its coffee reserves and in fact, routinely pays well above commodity price.

Unlike many recent ineffectual corporate reactions to social journalism and networking eruptions, Starbucks is unique in that the corporation managed Oxfam's unconventional assault in a very unconventional way, via YouTube. Regardless of the outcome of this particular incident, the move on Starbuck's part comes off as unmistakably in touch with today's communication modes and methods."
The Internet

+ - Search + Tags = YuFind

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Google and Yahoo may have a new competitor. YuFind is a new search engine which uses Tags to help users find what they are looking for. Unlike conventional search engines, YuFind also displays keywords, or tags, that when clicked narrow the search term down by including the keyword within the search. The search results are actually provided by Yahoo's search engine; YuFind simply uses snippets from the results to show tags."

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