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Comment Re:TV DIED with LONG paid for ads by the consumers (Score 1) 164

In Sweden, it is the existence of a receiver within the household that counts. If have a TV or a DVD player that contains a receiver (my DVD player is also a DVR) then you would have to pay a license. There is a max of one license per household though in case you would have multiple devices.

A year ago, the mandatory TV license applied also to PCs because they could be connected to the Internet and so it was reasoned that they could receive TV over the Internet that way. ... Except that not all PCs were able to actually playback the content.
I have a neighbour who has chosen to not own any TV, who had only a netbook -- which was too underpowered to play web-TV -- but she still had to pay the mandatory TV license for that. Ridiculous.
Thankfully, common sense prevailed and the rule was changed.

Comment Re:Be aware (Score 4, Informative) 159

Chrome's Incognito mode does have a separate set of cookies - which is empty when you open the first Incognito window and are deleted when the last window is closed.
This means that web sites can't use cookies to track you between sessions. They could track you by your IP address, but the IP addresses are at a lower level than HTTP/HTTPS. If you are really paranoid then you would use something like Tor anyway.

However, there is one big flaw: All incognito windows are in the same session. If you forget to close the last window then the session will linger: when you open a new link "In Incognito Window" then the new link will be attached to the old Incognito session instead of a new one.
This could be remedied by supporting multiple Incognito sessions at once. I think that a straightforward model for the user would be to let each Incognito Window represent a separate session.

Myself, I use Incognito mode primarily to be able to use gmail and Youtube with separate accounts. Commenting on cat videos requires much less security than my private emails.
It is also convenient to log out just by closing the window.

Comment Still on 2.6.32 because of Distro (Score 2) 116

I still run an old Ubuntu LTS install with Linux 2.6.32, but that is mostly because so that I would not have to run a Ubuntu version with that abomination called "Unity" or Gnome 3. I could not see that Ubuntu had offered any upgrade path to another LTS release that would not force any of that crap upon me. I also did not want to get a system that was a mix of installs from different sources.
My old Ubuntu has served me well for this time. Time to look around for some other distribution then... Mint?

BTW. At work I installed CentOS 6 on a brand new machine, this Thursday. I installed CentOS 7 first but gave it up because of Gnome 3.

Comment Re:None. (Score 1) 165

It is not just the extreme quality of LEGO's moulds. LEGO are also using a higher-quality process compared to regular run-of-the-mill injection moudling so as to reduce shrinkage/warping and avoid other defects.
For instance, the injection inlets are heated so that there are no sprues left when demolding.

Comment Re:Not my money, yet (Score 1) 467

You hit the nails right on the heads there. Those are the same things that disappointed me. I had already tickets for multiple screenings when I got a free ticket for a pre-screening. After that I returned my tickets - so I did not contribute to the sales figures. I don't want to.

I intend to wait for the BluRay release (April 5) and participate in the fan-edit community.
I think that because of the cast and the dialogue, the movie does have potential to be turned into a great movie in ways that the prequels did not - and the big thing that needs to be done is to turn the story around.
A lot depends on which deleted scenes will be included in the release, however.

Comment Re: Seems pretty reasonable (Score 1) 263

And there might be some compensation owed

I can only speak for copyright cases where compensations for withdrawn consent is usually based on how much it costs to destroy PUBLISHED copies and produce new ones. In this case nothing has been published, and there wasn't consent to publish anyway. But copyright and privacy are not very similar.

Comment Re:Complete video stream pre-rolling (Score 1) 508

It's not a security feature, because anyone who wants to pirate the video will do so regardless of how they try to restrict it.

I have worked with video streaming. Don't think for a second that any demand from the movie industry for a security feature has any realistic basis in how hard it makes it to crack.

Comment Re:Common keyboard for Windows and OS X (Score 1) 508

Both PC and Apple keyboards are USB keyboards that work with on both PCs and Macs. There are only a handful of badly engineered keyboards that don't work on MacOS and iOS because of Apple's USB HID stack being more picky about correctness than MS Window and Linux.

The Windows keys and the Command keys both emit the same codes in the USB Human Interface Device protocol.
The only significant difference between PC and Mac keyboards is in the order between those keys and their neighbouring Alt on the bottom row.
Better keyboards (like my Ducky G2Pro) have a DIP switch or a programming setting for swapping the order of those keys between PC order and Mac order.

Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 1) 508

In the European Union, devices are required by EU law not to draw more than 1W in standby.

However... many manufacturers get around that by simply not calling it standby.
Games consoles' "standby" power usage was in the news a while ago. The XBox One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii each draws more in "standby" than my NUC in idle.

Comment The cause of the post-antibiotic future (Score 5, Insightful) 137

The reason why antibiotic-resistant strains have been forming and allowed to be a problem is that people have been misusing antibiotics.

A small scale problem is that antibiotics have been used by human patients that would not benefit from them. Other patients have stopped or cut down on using antibiotics when they have started to feel well - but before the strain has been fully eradicated. In some countries, antibiotics have even been available over the counter without prescription.

A large scale problem is the over-used of antibiotics in agriculture. Livestock are given antibiotics in their feed as a precaution, and this is still going on on a large scale in most Western countries.
Antibiotics-resistant strains are widespread, even the norm in many parts of the world.
Seriously, this has to stop! We need to treat this problem seriously. If a resistant strain of bacteria is found on a farm then that farm should be put in quarantine and the stock of animals should be destroyed, like what happened when Mad Cow Disease - but instead this is seen as normal. Diseased eggs and meat are the norm, and I am not talking about third-world countries. I am talking about Western Europe and the USA.

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