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Entrepreneur Injects Bitcoin Wallets Into Hands 77

Posted by timothy
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wiredmikey writes A Dutch entrepreneur has had two microchips containing Bitcoin injected into his hands to help him make contactless payments. The chips, enclosed in a 2mm by 12mm capsule of "biocompatible" glass, were injected using a special syringe and can communicate with devices such as Android smartphones or tablets via NFC. "What's stored on the microchips should be seen as a savings account rather than a current account," Martijn Wismeijer, co-founder of MrBitcoin said. "The payment device remains the smartphone, but you transfer funds from the chips." The chips are available on the Internet, sold with a syringe for $99, but Wismeijer suggested individuals should find a specialist to handle the injection to avoid infections.

Comment: Re:Quite the poker player (Score 4, Interesting) 285

by Misagon (#48368123) Attached to: U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal

Those are silly numbers because they are only measurements of domestic emissions.
Around half of China's carbon emissions are because of productions of goods that are exported to mainly USA and the EU. You could say that while USA and EU are importing from China, they are exporting their emissions to China.
If you take that into account, USA and EU are much worse per capita.

I am in Sweden, which has one of the strongest economies in the EU, having got mostly unscathed out of the recent Euro crisis (Sweden still has its own currency).
Sweden has one of the lowest carbon emissions per capita in the EU, but because the economy is so strong, Swedish citizens are spending more money on imported goods than other EU citizens and are therefore among the worst polluters in the EU if you take trade into account.

Comment: Effectless and effortless (Score 1) 285

by Misagon (#48368035) Attached to: U.S. and China Make Landmark Climate Deal

USA pledges to reduce carbon emissions compared to 2005 levels, when their emissions were the highest ever in history.
USA has already lowered their emissions by half the 2025 goal just from the slowing the economy after the 2008 bank crash.

Meanwhile, Europe has pledged to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990's levels..
If USA would reduce their emissions to their 1990 levels, then that would be a ~20% reduction from 2005 levels, and 40% from that is still a long way to go.

Sorry, but this US-China deal is hardly any "landmark".

Comment: Re:Home storage (Score 1) 485

by Misagon (#48367519) Attached to: Denmark Faces a Tricky Transition To 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Luckily, not many Danes move their houses around, so the batteries do not not need to be light and small.
A cheap long-lived lead-acid battery or other type of stationary battery would be more suitable.

There are other types of energy storage technologies also, such as hot water tanks to store heat from summer months to be used in winter.

Comment: Error: They did not use LaTeX (Score 1) 170

by Misagon (#48366223) Attached to: What Happens When Nobody Proofreads an Academic Paper

This could have been avoided if the authors had used LaTeX for writing their paper. It allows for comments in the text that don't become part of the formatted output.

% Should we cite the crappy Gabor paper here?

There are also various LaTeX packages for writing comments, adding annotations and tracking changes that could be useful when peer-reviewing a paper.

Comment: Re:No accommodation at all? Just asking. (Score 1) 356

by Misagon (#48355913) Attached to: Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Is a Free Man Again

From what I have read in articles, he did get the same food as the other prisoners except with the non-vegan parts removed.
For instance, if the prisoners were given spaghetti with bolognese-sauce, he as given only spaghetti. If the other prisoners were given meatballs and potatoes, he got a potato. That's not exactly a balanced diet.

BTW. Silly that the parent post gets mod'ed "Score:4, Insightful" when it says "Without more details it is hard to judge".
We can do better, guys.

Comment: Re:Hey, MS, give them to people who will use them! (Score 1) 236

by Misagon (#48330425) Attached to: CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand

You can't properly use screen diagonals as a metric for comparing screens with different aspect ratio.

The Surface Pro 3 (12" 3:2) has 7% more surface area than the Galaxy Note Pro (12.2" 16:10). It is more than half an inch higher at about the same width.
The Surface Pro 3 has as much as 30% more surface area than a 16:9 tablet with the same diagonal.


Ebola Nose Spray Vaccine Protects Monkeys 198

Posted by samzenpus
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First time accepted submitter GeekyKhan writes A new needle-free vaccine has proven to be 100% effective at stopping the transmission of Ebola in monkeys, and it could spell a breakthrough in the battle against the disease. The vaccine is administered through a nasal spray using a common cold virus genetically engineered to carry Ebola DNA. From NBC: "The vaccine uses a common cold virus genetically engineered to carry a tiny piece of Ebola DNA. Sprayed up the nose, it saved all nine monkeys tested for infection. But now the research is dead in the water without funding, Maria Croyle of the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Pharmacy said. 'Now we are at the crossroads, trying to figure out where to get the funding and resources to continue,' Croyle told NBC News."

Comment: Re:Irony (Score 1) 441

by emj (#48316973) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Much of her argument comes down to the fact that she wants to work with people who look and act like her, not like me.

No she says it's hard to fit in if there is no respect for diversity. It's your choice to make the interpretation that belittles her opinions about diversity. Group-think is comforting when you are in the group, but doesn't really work when you widen your horizon.

Comment: Re:Tech Up Bringing? (Score 1) 441

by emj (#48316913) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

[..] it's quite reasonable for anyone to want to have folks at work that they can relate to [...] It's pretty uncomfortable being the only dad at a kid's birthday party.

No! It's about people being more including, and you can't ever be including if you are always in your own non-diverse bubble. I have no problems being the only dad at birthday parties, vice versa for my girlfriend. I have heard some stories told about fathers the eighties when it wasnt normal to split parental leave, but now days it's normal and you get no funny looks. But we do get 480 days of parental leave to spend for 7 years, so there is more to play with.

Comment: Re:Haters gonna hate (Score 1) 695

"Clean up"? There is no way for us to "clean up"!

Emissions have to be radically lowered and the biosphere has to be given enough time to handle the carbon in the air. Sure, planting trees at a massive scale could help in the long run, but it would still be far from as effective as if the biggest culprits (the biggest opposers: USA, China, Australia... ) would cut their emissions to what the IPCC considers enough.

Even if we stop all emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases right now, the climate is still going to get worse from all the gases that are already in the atmosphere. By all estimates, we wouldn't be able to see a measurable improvement in the world climate until at least 2030.

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