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Comment: Re:Pry XP from cold, stiff fingers (Score 1) 727

by Emb3rz (#41742965) Attached to: Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP

I will be sending you Photoshop CS 7 files, not coding for anything under IE 9,

Save us, contradiction man!


1. No hardware support
2. No software support
3. IT not familiar with it anymore
4. IE not working on all websites

1. Business hardware is typically monitor, mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner. I think we've got universal drivers covered in those spaces.
2. I've not seen many game-changing business applications in the desktop space recently. This is probably also a non-issue.
3. Please tell me you're joking.
4. Stop using IE.

Comment: Re:Begs the question... SIGH (Score 1) 385

by Emb3rz (#41716277) Attached to: How Do You Spot a Genius?

Partially agree. Don't be too quick to discount the effect that low self-esteem can have on persons of any intelligence.

The thing that always bothered me the most was having people misquote me and misrepresent my positions. Like the gaggle of slashdotters insisting that I thought the earth was created in 7*24 hours because I hold belief that we were created by God. The two beliefs are not the same. I definitely would have been more OK with that same group of people saying my beliefs were wrong than that they would tell me that I believed something I did not.

Comment: Re:Begs the question... SIGH (Score 2) 385

by Emb3rz (#41715455) Attached to: How Do You Spot a Genius?

Speaking for myself: this has nothing to do with a desire of my own to look smart on the Internet. I genuinely want others to be smarter. This confers several benefits; not the least of which being that I don't have to waste any clock cycles translating their poor communication into what it really means. I wish you had of thought of that. ;)

Comment: Re:Yay. Slashdot is up to date and current finally (Score 1) 271

by Emb3rz (#41659903) Attached to: Felix Baumgartner's Supersonic Skydive Attempt

Things like this are good to show your kids to demonstrate what a Real American can do with guts and determination and also to show them the indomitability of the American spirit and how we don't need to take any God damn shit from the Chinks, Japs, Eurotrash etc.

If he had have died it would have additionally shown your kids that jumping off high things is very dangerous.

So really it's win/win.

Except he is Austrian.....


Also, random racial trolling por qué?

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 1) 154

by Emb3rz (#36387834) Attached to: Physical Pain and Emotional Pain Use Same Brain Networks

I deal with Fibromyalgia as well (though mine is much tamer than that of anyone else I know) and so when these things come up I pay keen attention. I've seen elsewhere that certain drugs like dextromethorphan (found in cough syrup) can help by disrupting a different set of pain receptors than typical painkillers. Much more recently, I've been looking into "EFT" - a practice related to acupressure that assumes to relate physical and emotional pain.

Regarding Cymbalta: a friend of mine had horrible reactions to this drug. She went from being in constant pain to simply being suicidal. I cringe when I hear its name.

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