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Comment: Re:This can be extremely misleading. (Score 1) 565

by EmagGeek (#47565613) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

Is the collection still on your credit report? Something similar happened to me where the hospital ignored a letter from the insurance company asking for more information, and so the insurance company never paid.

The issue was ultimately resolved however the credit bureaus initially refused to remove the item, since the hospital confirmed that I technically did owe the debt at the time it was turned over to collections. It took me six months and a court hearing demonstrating the hospital's lack of due diligence in cooperating with the insurance company to finally get it removed.

Comment: Words mean things (Score 1) 314

by EmagGeek (#47565565) Attached to: Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

"The Act protects against distributing digital audio recording devices whose primary purpose is to rip copyrighted material."

Look up the word "primary" in the dictionary. Ford does not install entertainment systems in their cars for the "primary" purpose of ripping CDs.

Words mean things.

Comment: What partisan wrote this? (Score 1) 121

by EmagGeek (#47565545) Attached to: Nuclear Missile Command Drops Grades From Tests To Discourage Cheating

"There might not be much functional difference between a 93% and a 95%, but the person scoring higher will get promoted disproportionately quicker."

This weasel language implies that it's not fair that someone that scores higher on the test gets promoted faster, and also implies that any promotion due to higher grades is "disproportionate," which is media-speak for "unfair."

"This inspired a ring of officers to cheat in order to meet the unrealistic expectations of the Air Force."

Why is it unrealistic that those in charge of launching missiles that will end life on this planet as we know it pass a very high bar of excellence?

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SWA has a right to say who can and cannot occupy their airplanes, and they may place conditions upon that occupancy as they see fit.

Their plane, their rules. Property rights unquestionably trump free speech rights. If someone walks onto my property and holds up a sign, I can kick them off my property and it is not a violation of their free speech rights.

Comment: Re:Illegal! (Score 1) 894

Trespassing is illegal. Without a valid boarding pass, it is illegal for them to be in the secure area of an airport.

If SWA canceled their boarding pass, they would not only be guilty of simple trespass upon airport property, but also in violation of DHS regulations for being in the secure area without a boarding pass.

I doubt the gate attendant was actually rude to him, too, in which case he would probably be found liable for slander and/or defamation as well.

All that happened here was that he got pissed because he didn't get to break the rules. I have no sympathy for him at all, whatsoever.

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The reason the federal government is making recommendations for reduced testing is to decrease the cost of care it lays out for Medicare, Medicaid, and PPACA patients. The cost studies prior to the passing of PPACA revealed that not only would the cost of "standard" diagnostic testing add billions/year to the cost of the program, but also that there simply are not enough resources available for everyone over 40 to have an annual mammogram.

It looks as if the relaxed prostate, mammogram, and colonoscopy recommendations didn't really do much to stop the cost of PPACA from spiraling completely out of control, though. It will be interesting to see what happens to cancer rates as a result of reducing diagnostic coverage as well. I somehow doubt they will go down.

Comment: Empirical study!?!? (Score 1) 63

by EmagGeek (#47556127) Attached to: UK Team Claims Breakthrough In Universal Cancer Test

Don't these people know that those aren't allowed anymore? A proper study is done by massing a large amount of meta-statistics taken from other studies of large amounts of meta-statistics to create an entirely new conclusion based on the new population data.

Who the hell actually studies the relationships of cause and effect between actual variables in a real experiment anymore?

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"If you were feeling especially paranoid, but wanted to keep the hardware intact for the next user, what would you do?"

To me these are mutually exclusive. If I was feeling especially paranoid, I would probably hurl the thing into a cauldron of molten lava, because, you know, the definition of being especially paranoid is an intense fear of others invading our privacy or being out to get you.

Disposing of my tablet by giving it to another person is wholly incompatible with your premise of me feeling especially paranoid.


Ask Slashdot: Preparing an Android Tablet For Resale? 112

Posted by timothy
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UrsaMajor987 (3604759) writes I have a Asus Transformer tablet that I dropped on the floor. There is no obvious sign of damage but It will no longer boot. Good excuse to get a newer model. I intend to sell it for parts (it comes with an undamaged keyboard) or maybe just toss it. I want to remove all my personal data. I removed the flash memory card but what about the other storage? I know how to wipe a hard drive, but how do you wipe a tablet? If you were feeling especially paranoid, but wanted to keep the hardware intact for the next user, what would you do?

Comment: Rely on Reputation? (Score 1) 281

Seriously, please.

There is no need to believe in a phone-slowing conspiracy, just like there was no need to believe that Google or Apple was tracking users and saving location data, and there was no need to believe that Google was sniffing and storing unencrypted wifi traffic wherever its street view cars went, and there was no need to believe that government was saving all of our emails...

Sure. Tell me another good one.

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