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Comment: Re:Not all spooks are bad (Score 1) 108

by Em Adespoton (#48437951) Attached to: Top NSA Official Raised Alarm About Metadata Program In 2009

By that logic, I can extend your argument to "All Americans are bad dudes" because they have done nothing to rein in the US Military complex, US IP complex, US entertainment complex and US meddling in foreign politics, not to mention the doubletalk used in dealing with the US itself.

Don't demonize others for not doing things you haven't done yourself, nor make them guilty by association, unless you're willing to be called out as similarly guilty.

Comment: Re:My two cents (Score 1) 317

Yes, I'm pretty sure you could engineer the climate for Sudan without negatively affecting Ethiopia. Of course, the means of doing that is probably via land reclamation techniques, but that's really true for pretty much any major climate improvement at this point in our planet's life.

Comment: Re:I prefer this rewrite (Score 1) 541

by Em Adespoton (#48427095) Attached to: "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" Pulled From Amazon

Well, at least it'd be realistic. Although the comment about "boys can like pink" was a bit over the top -- things like that go over better when they're not pointed out. I read it and thought: "Is there something wrong with liking pink?"

Now what we need is a "Neckbeard Barbie" -- but I don't think Mattel would ever go there.

Comment: Re:The point of such a service has evolved. (Score 1) 55

by Em Adespoton (#48422423) Attached to: Nielsen Will Start Tracking Netflix and Amazon Video

There's another purpose too: it lets the major distribution networks see what *kind* of show people are watching. This way, when they review the pilots for the next season, they have that extra data point to take into consideration. It also means that these content producers can decide if it's worth entering a specific market segment in the streaming realm. As this is a transition period, this could be very useful information (producers can tune their contracts up front, and only rent properties that will boost their viewing base significantly while rent shopping their most popular items as exclusive deals with a single content delivery channel).

Comment: Re:Scrap heap (Score 5, Interesting) 382

Funny; FF has been my default browser for almost a decade now. Why? The plugins and the ability to control it all myself. Chrome/Chromium are too tied to the mothership for me -- and I say that as someone who uses for DNS.

That said, if NoScript starts working on Chrome, I'd likely switch eventually -- and no, NoScripts isn't a real replacement.

Comment: Re:Replace Cisco, and Akamai and then maybe.. (Score 1) 204

by Em Adespoton (#48413269) Attached to: Launching 2015: a New Certificate Authority To Encrypt the Entire Web

Replace Cisco, and Akamai and then maybe I'll be convinced it's better than the current situation. But it's still oxymoronic service: A central authority that *REQUIRES* trust for people who don't trust anybody.

And what do you do for countries with draconian Cert laws like England? (They want a copy of your root cert)

The resulting entity would have to be incorporated in Iceland or something. FAR away from 5-eye's dragnets.

Good question regarding root certs.

As for Iceland being far away from 5-eyes:
Look at where the Iceland trunks go to -- hint: Canada and England are part of 5-Eyes
That, and the country closest to Iceland is....

Comment: Re:No. (Score 3, Interesting) 206

by Em Adespoton (#48338035) Attached to: Zuckerberg: Most of Facebook Will Be Video Within Five Years

Why do you think all the TV networks have embraced putting TV shows online? Because they realize they can put ads on the stream and the user has to sit through them (or go to the bathroom). Either way, they can't fast forward through them like they can on a DVR.

...except that in my case, I block the paths to the ad-content streams. You know what happens? Video stream loads, html5/flash then goes to the "insert ad" code, gets no response, and moves on to the next queued stream, until the next in the queue is the non-ad video. This means that where others get ads, I get about 3 seconds of spinners. I could probably write a greasemonkey script that would flat-out scrub references to those streams from the code so that playback is seamless -- AdBlockPlus, Ghostery and NoScript plugins already do that for me in some situations. I didn't even realize YouTube had ads until I was shoulder surfing someone's iPad....

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