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Comment: Re:TOR is a US-backed project (Score 1) 98

by ElusiveJoe (#47535461) Attached to: Russia Posts $110,000 Bounty For Cracking Tor's Privacy

Russia doesn't want to decrypt your packets.


They want to decrypt the CIA/NSA/FBI traffic you're relaying around.

Incorrect. They want to be able to detect who is showing up some TOR activity and tag them as "suspicious citizens". Later on, they could try to infect target computers with their malware, the lot for which is posted somewhere nearby (it is nicknamed Chameleon-2).

Comment: Re:Russia has no choice (Score 1) 503

by ElusiveJoe (#47485745) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet

Unfortunately for Ukraine, nobody really cares about them except their neighbors.

Unfortunately for any government in any country, nobody there really cares about its citizens. What I see is EU, US and China elites thinking how they can profit from the civil war in Ukraine, helping their domestic businesses expand and gain a share in the market. And Russian elites care only about not loosing their secret banking accounts.

"A plane was shot down with innocent people? Good. Now, let's see how we can turn that into profit.."

You can easily guess by the reactions of ruling elites in different countries what they have in mind. France wants to sell its troop ships to Russia? It keeps its mouth shut. The U.S. wants to thwart Russian weapon export? Scream at every corner that Russia supports terrorism (but the U.S. supporting insurgents in Syria is OK).

Lies and greed everywhere.

Comment: Meanwhile in Russia... (Score 1) 104

by ElusiveJoe (#44996119) Attached to: Hackers, Gamers and Tech Workers: The UK Needs You For a New Cyber Army

Russia has already planned for "cyber army" of its own. Except, the only task for poor dumb 18-year olds is astoturfing. You know, making posts about glorious Putin and throwing shit at his numerous enemies (practically anyone, who is not a brain-dead redneck or a criminal) at forums, blogs and news sites. It all started in China, and now more and more political "elites" try to enlist their propaganda soldiers in order to save and prolong their wealth, power and heritage.

So, it's UK time now.

Comment: The true reasons behind this (Score 1) 192

by ElusiveJoe (#44908851) Attached to: Russian Government Takes Over Country's 289-year Old Scientific Academy

The first reason behind this "reform" is to steal and sell Academy's real property, the only Soviet legacy which has not been stolen until now. The scheme is traditional to Putins' friends:
1. Pour state money into property, paying for its repair, landscape development and luxury buildings. All paid by simple Russian citizens.
2. Name the property as "unuseful" and sell it to the pocket company for a laughable sum.
3. Resell the property for its market value. Share millions of $$$ between government officials, who let that happen.

The second reason is political. The Academy and scientific society in Russia was a pain in the ass for Putin, with his neo-religious policy and his fraudulent friends. Several dozens (!) of government officials have been caught with fake scientific works full of plagiarism. The "miraculous" water filters, which were going to be forced by one of Putin's friends in power to be installed in every Russian city, were shown to be a hoax. There were many, many other collisions between scientific society and our fraudulent government. But it is over now.

Stay tuned for new "scientific" discoveries, about how Holy Water heals cancer and a prayer lessens rocket failure rate. Assuming we will still have rockets.

Comment: Re:meanwhile, in Russia... (Score 1) 369

If Snowdon has been Russian and escaped with FSB documents, he wouldn't be alive right now.

You're wrong. Snowden chose publicity as his defence, so not NSA, nor FSB could have easily "disappeared" him without repercussions. However, the US has a long history of assassinations in foreign countries, which it doesn't even deny. And that's not even counting a fucking prison, where kidnapped people are being held and tortured without charges. Part of the "Because We Can" program.

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