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Comment Re:This is going to be as well adhered to as the F (Score 1) 533

Individuals are not required to get a license to operate CB radios.

You missed the part where I said "Back in the 1970s".

CB once required an FCC-issued station callsign and a license that was more or less automatically issued upon application (no test required like Amateur Radio). The license application came in the box with every CB rig sold, but I would be amazed if even 10% of them were ever mailed in. In addition to the license, there were (and still are) rules against all manner of activity which is common on the 27 MHz band, such as playing music, profanity/obscenity, hobby operations (that what Ham Radio was made for--CB was intended primarily for business and traffic safety purposes), running RF power amplifiers, and working DX stations (more than 100 miles distance, IIRC.

The CB craze of the '70s completely overwhelmed the FCC, who essentially abandoned any enforcement of their regs on that whole area of spectrum. About the only time you see a CBer subjected to FCC enforcement is if their rig is interfering with another licensed service, such as broadcast or amateur. 27 MHz is still a swamp today because of it...

Comment What exactly is the point of that? (Score 1) 412

It isn't forward OR backward compatible with the standard 3.5mm plug or jack, so why try to copy the physical appearance of one?

If Apple is really stupid/evil enough to discard the only industry standard connector their phones actually use, then why not design something entirely new, like they did with the lightning connector?

Comment Still the (impure) freebase. Need convert to salt (Score 1) 310

Hypothetical outline:

Crush crack rocks, dissolve in water, discard whatever dissolves (mostly baking soda).

Take insoluble remnants (largely cocaine freebase), dissolve in excess of Et2O.

Bubble HCl gas through solution to precipitate Cocaine as the hydrochloride salt. Filter from solution, and recrystallize as needed.

Comment Aussie cops get sportscars for community outreach (Score 1) 122

donated by car dealers, while US police departments are getting MRAPs and APCs courtesy of the US taxpayer, to be used for terrorizing the populace into submission, as well as the occasional no-knock raid on a suspected pot grower or whatever.

If US cops want something like a Porsche or Lamborghini for their DARE propaganda vehicle, they simply start an asset forfeiture against the local coke dealer....

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