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Journal: Time-Warner Drops Usenet 2

Journal by TrashGod

Monopolist Meets Demagogue

According to this announcement from Road-Runner, Time-Warner has dropped usenet (nntp) service. This comes under the threat of litigation from New York Attorney-General Andrew Cuomo. The costly alternatives offered are, in effect, a fee increase for thousands of Time-Warner customers. The claim of low subscriber usage is manifestly false: Google news shows nearly a million articles from, three-fourths to the comp groups. Time-Warner's bandwidth needs will only rise as users seek news from out-of-network sites.

According to the FAQ:

  • Q. I cannot access Road Runner Newsgroups or download articles?
    A. As of June 23, 2008, Road Runner will no longer offer Newsgroups, however users can subscribe on their own to third party News providers.
  • Q. Why is Road Runner discontinuing their own Newsgroups service?
    A. Due to low subscriber usage Road Runner has decided to discontinue Newsgroups service as of June 23, 2008.
  • Q. If I still want a news service, what can I do?
    A. Subscribers can choose to use a third party service and purchase on their own through that service. There are many providers with offerings, as an example here are several providers: [costly alternatives elided]
  • Q. When is the last day that Road Runner Newsgroups service will be available?
    A. Newsgroups service will cease on June 23, 2008.

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Journal: Moderator Access

Journal by webmistressrachel
Well, I've been allocated my first 5 moderator points.

Quite boring, actually, considering I looked forward to this.

I have 4 mod points left...

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Journal: Slashdot

Journal by webmistressrachel
Well, here I am in reciept of my first "troll" mod. I think the comment was "insightful". Can anybody who can moderate and reads this please just look at that post, just once, and read the replies (such as "mod parent up - not a troll it's the truth").

It might be short and to the point, but it's also true. We rage against countries who support censorship and spying, including the US, but short snappy comments like this always seem to get modded down.

I suppose I could just accept that short, snappy posts like this get modded down and write long boring ones about US policies, but then they might never get read!

At least all of my positive comments outweigh it and leave my Karma "positive".

P.S. The Anonymous Coward poster was not me rotfl!

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Journal: Gawd, that felt good... or, trolling for Mac-Heads on /.

Journal by Penguinisto
----Update, 12/06/04: I've recently sold my G4 Cube ($700 on eBay - go me!) and my brand new dual G5 will be arriving today via UPS...)---

Original journal entry below:

After a long stint of enjoying the grand experience here, and with more than just a little mischief, I decided to have a bit of fun with the masses.

I'd been toying around with the subject matter, and while reading comments in a rather decent article on, it hit me: most folks claim that Linux users are some sort of ugly zealot-packed mob that rabidly attacks anything that dares impugn the Holy Penguin(tm, pat. pending, etc...)

Now, from experience, I know full well that Linux users are naught but docile saints compared to one particular segment of humanity: Mac users. Being bored, and having the appropriate mood, a wee article appeared that presented the perfect opportunity.

Knowing the shelf-life of a /. story, I had to act fast, but I think I pulled off a fairly decent entry that would separate the intelligent from the raving, drooling, eternally-pissed-off Mac zealots.

As of this writing, there are approximately three responses that successfully avoided the bait - two that actually approached it with some intelligence, one with a good dose of wit, and the rest? Well, the rest proved my point... a seething pack of anger-ridden zealots in the truest sense of the word. I bet most are still shaking at their desks from the adrenalin overload, clutching their iPods and grinding their teeth in white-hot rage.Click the link above and enjoy the show... :)

Perhaps I should include some caveats: One, I am a Macintosh user, and am the proud owner of a G4 Cube which I have successfully modified quite extensively. (I also own a P4-based PC, but I only use it for games and CG art proggies I can't find a Mac version for.) I guess I should also include the fact that I own neither a Dell DJ or an iPod... I instead prefer to play my music via the mp3 player on my Compaq 3536 PocketPC loaded with Linux Familiar and a big fat CF card... (this way I can play music and games on it, grab email, etc... )

Ah well, I guess I should be getting back to the site and read up about how my fellow Mac afficianados think I'm gay, an idiot, a clueless dumbass, etc etc. It's damned funny in a way, and I can always point to it in the future whenever the clueless folk at SecFocus decide to screech about "linux zealotry" or somesuch.

Until next time, Mousketeers...

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Journal: Why are you reading my journal?

Journal by antdude

There's nothing to see here. Move along.

If you really want to read my boring(?) journals, go to my Web sites then!

Oh, and trolls like those who support GNAA, suck. God will never let them in Heaven when it is time. :)


Journal: Linux On Laptop (LOL)

Journal by mlinksva
Vendor support for Linux on laptops (preinstalled or just drivers for components) is still nearly nonexistent. When shopping for a Linux laptop, it seems there are three options, all ugly:
  1. Pay someone like Qlitech, EmperorLinux or ASA a steep premium to deliver a laptop with Linux installed.
  2. Buy a OEM laptop with no OS from someplace like this and investigate the hardware, track down drivers, hope after much pain everything works.
  3. Buy a name-brand with Windoze preinstalled and paid for, investiage the hardware, track down drivers, hope after much pain everything works.

Linux-On-Laptops is a good resource, problem is very few of the models currently being sold have entries at LOL (heh).

A fourth option is to watch for a used model that is known to be well supported by existing drivers. This is also the most frugal route, which has a strong appeal.

Will this situation ever change? It could get worse -- the laptop market is growing faster than the desktop market, and the fastest growing portion of the desktop market (I'd bet), "slim" PCs, I suspect has more components in common with laptops than full scale desktops (meaning much worse Linux support).

Arrgh. What a PITA.

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Journal: First post

Journal by mlinksva
Went to a small grocery at 18th & Mission (not Duc Loi, catty-corner from there) and loaded up on super cheap fruit and vegetables. Need to get to Japantown soon, I'm all out of konnyaku and natto.

Last 24hours, coded in Java, XSLT, SQL, Tcl, Perl, Bash. Hadn't really thought about it before, but such juggling of multiple languages in a single day isn't atypical. For the most part it's a case of using the right tool for the task at hand, though I'd love to replace Tcl and Perl with Ruby. Also glanced at Pliant, E and Haskell for my own amusement.

Any given program, when running, is obsolete.