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Guess which of those things we now take some security precautions with, such as tracking or licensing the sale of or inspecting in hazardous contexts?

All of them. You have just listed a list of things we treat seriously because they can be used to do illegal things and we don't want that.

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I was going to criticize this, but actually this seems like it would work. You could feed a single spool into a common melt chamber, and then use needle valves on the heads to control whether specific points extruded. All the benefits of a small nozzle diameter without the draw back when filling in large items.

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by Electricity Likes Me (#47376489) Attached to: Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

75 m/year buys the US intellectual property rights to any technology which comes out of ITER.

That 75 m/year is literally the cost of the patents and technology which will be required for practical fusion power. It's the cost of getting US physicists and engineers experience and expertise with tokamak-based fusion technology.

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by Electricity Likes Me (#47376431) Attached to: Senate Budgetmakers Move To End US Participation In ITER

The problem with the military budget is it never gets cut in sensible places. The people at the sharp-end get hit first, the VA gets hit, the bazillion-dollar do-everything weapon system nobody really needs or wants? Mysteriously continues.

You could cut the military budget by a bunch and get a better military by cutting out the inefficency and corruption.

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So we'll spend some or your tax dollars on this which will help us ensure the tax department is efficient and TAXES? TAXES ARE THEFT. DOWN WITH THE GOVERNMENT!!!

These problems don't just happen, and don't require conspiracy. It's been plainly obvious the IRS is underfunded since it returns 7-to-1 on recovered revenue when they get a budget increase.

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God no, the trend to wireless only is the worst.

I want a high-speed wired interface on my phone. Like, if you can fit a 10g ethernet port in there, I want that. I also want a mini-display port connector.

Radios are for differential transfer and continuity. If I need to move data on and off the device, I want that done as fast as possible.

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.