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Florida To Build Solar-Powered City 195

Posted by samzenpus
from the sunny-side-of-the-street dept.
Mike writes "The sunny state of Florida just announced that they will begin construction this year on the world's first solar-powered city. A collaboration between Florida Power & Light and development firm Kitson & Partners, the 17,000 acre city will generate all of its electrical needs via a 75 megawatt, $300 million solar-powered generator. The city will also use smart grid technology to manage its power and allow all inhabitants of the community to monitor their energy consumption."

Comment: Really MS?? How about fixing 2007 first? (Score 3, Informative) 274

by Electric Eye (#27588657) Attached to: First Look at Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta

Honestly. The adoption rate of Exchange 2007 was LOW and slow. Even when SP1 was released (after almost a year delay, btw), we're still stuck with this shitty command line interface that USED to be GUI to do all sorts of fun admin things in. It's a royal PITA to administer. How about an SP2 that will fix seemingly dead issues like OWA support for other browsers, etc? If MS thinks we and other companies that just spent thousands of dollars on the "bleeding edge" 2007 are going to pony up for 2010, they've got a surprise waiting. This is incrtedibly insulting.

I guess Ballmer realized how shitty everything was the company has done over the past 2-3 years since he took over and decided to move on.

Comment: Gotta love telco union workers! (Score 1) 368

by Electric Eye (#27531085) Attached to: Multiple Fiber Cuts In San Francisco Area

When I hear that critical lines were cut, I thought to myself "I bet there just happens to be some sort of labor dispute going on with the union guys in California." Sure enough, you guys confirmed it.

My father worked for Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic, etc) for roughly 15 years until he recently retired. He was "management." EVERY SINGLE TIME the union guys went out on strike, the vandalism began. There's a lot of political back-scratching going on when this happens and the union is VERY good at protecting these guys from any sort of prosecution. Fortunately, one time, one or two guys were electrocuted in Brooklyn (or maybe it was Staten Island) the last time around. They were climbing a pole attempting to cut lines. They successfully sabotaged lines in Fairfield County back in 98 or 99. They set fires in buildings, flooded tunnels containing copper and fiber lines, attack managers physically or damage their cars while they are working and these guys are "picketing." Disgusting behavior.

Union workers are a pathetic bunch. Very petty, very childish, very ignorant and are often despicable. You cut phone lines that people rely on for 911 services because you want a f***ing pay raise??? I hope one day a family member of a union telco worker dies due to an intentionally cut line. Maybe they will learn. but I doubt it.

Comment: It's bad where I am (New England) (Score 1) 371

by Electric Eye (#26725715) Attached to: IT Job Market Is Tanking, But Not For Everyone

I'm kinda-sorta looking for a new job because my boss is an a$$hole. So, I update my res and look at the listings on Monster...and it's DEAD. I'm talking about a couple of listings per week if that for anything more than entry-level (I've got 10+ years under my belt, so..). Its pretty dismaying, to be honest. The layoffs don't seem to have hit this area hard (yet) but there are no open jobs around that I can find.

Comment: Re:You've been to Asia, right? (Score 1) 614

by Electric Eye (#26725603) Attached to: Software Piracy At the Beijing Branch Office?

This guy is right. Piracy is embedded in the Chinese culture. I dated a Chinese girl and her entire extended family (a lot of people) felt it was perfectly normal to do shit like pirate software - and eat endangered species (I'm not kidding). I'd be surprised if there was even one legitimate copy of software in that entire country, frankly.

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