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+ - Palm Developer Relations Co-Leader Responds to JZW-> 1 1

El Royo writes: "Recently Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer (of Ajaxian.com and Bespin fame) joined Palm to lead developer relations. They faced their first crisis with Jamie Zawinski's well-publicized complaint about Palm's app approval process. Ben has posted an early response to the community on his blog."
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+ - Palm Updates webOS, Does Not Restore iTunes Sync

El Royo writes: "Palm announced the release of webOS version 1.2.0 today, bringing a number of improvements to the Linux-based Palm Pre. In addition to enabling purchasing apps from the App Catalog this update includes improved copy and paste and performance improvements. One thing notably lacking from this update is the restoration of iTunes media syncing. More on the webOS update here."

+ - Palm Accidently Leaks webOS 1.2

El Royo writes: "Today, Palm leaked version 1.2 of the webOS operating system that powers the Palm Pre. According to PreCentral the new version was inadvertently included in a recovery tool Palm makes available. New features include support for the forthcoming App Catalog changes, copy and paste from Web sites, improved e-mail search and faster boot times."

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