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Comment: Re:HTTPS means something specific (Score 1) 252

Or just not enclosing personal information in an email? Examples: Never send anyone their current password via email (even if it's at account creation and it's salted/hashed in the DB). Other secure information such as credit cards, ssns, etc......why send them via email? Just say 'Hello , there is issue with your account. Please login to to correct it.' Or lets say we consider receipt of medication purchases private.....have the confirmation email just show the price and delivery address and block out the names of the medication with XXX, saying 'the information has been hidden for your privacy' - in fact if more sites do this, the general public might finally realize that email is inherently insecure.

Comment: Re:But why...? (Score 1) 135

by El Capitaine (#37769958) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which OS For an Embedded Display Unit?

You're a software design team...don't go into hardware. Leave hardware to the hardware guys...and do what you do best - design software. Considering the size of your team, trying to develop a hardware platform AND the software to go on top of it may be a bit out of your scope, whereas simply writing a side-loadable android app may be much more feasible. may not need all the apps out there in the store. You may not need email/browser support. But your customers might. And if they do, requiring them to carry around two tablets is just silly.

Comment: Re:Why Is It The Government's Business?? (Score 0) 285

by El Capitaine (#37475936) Attached to: Google Accused of "Cooking" Search Results and Charging MSFT Too Much

...because it results in the firm with market power artificially raising prices, meaning that the company demands more and produces less while people pay more for products the company would have been willing to produce for less had it not manipulated the marketplace--effectively, people lose the benefit that reflects the difference between the old price and the new price, and fewer people buy because it costs more, and the company doesn't gain as much as the consumers lose

...except for the fact that just about every Google service is free.

I can still see the possibility of antitrust violations here...but honestly it sounds more to me like jealousy on the part of these other companies. Feels like the Senate is just procrastinating on the bigger issues by having fun with Google.

Comment: Re:Oh goody. (Score 1) 228

by El Capitaine (#37454976) Attached to: Google Preps Devs For One-Size-Fits-All Android
I think the difference is the fact that it is completely impossible to remove OEM bloatware on Android phones unless you root first...on Windows you can uninstall it (although some stuff might be left around esp. with bloatware...try revo uninstaller) and with Ubuntu you can just apt-get remove. They don't try to actively prevent you from removing the crap.

Comment: Re:It's About Time (Score 1) 368

by El Capitaine (#37348872) Attached to: Patent Reform Bill Passes Senate
That's the real problem with the patent system as it exists today - 'ideas' should not be patentable. Overly broad statements like the one you said should not be patentable. Patents should be extremely specific, so as to prevent situations like the one you listed.

That way...if you invent a system for unaided human flight, you must say exactly how you would go about doing it. If you have no money, but a company sees your idea, they can license that patent from you. If it doesn't work, then oh well. But this also promotes innovation - if another company then comes up with a BETTER way to do it, they can actually develop that and file their own patent because the methodology is different, rather than the overly vague and broad catch-all patents that we have today (especially in regards to the software industry).

Comment: Re:"voluntary botnet" (Score 2) 715

by El Capitaine (#34487860) Attached to: MasterCard Hit By WikiLeaks Payback Attacks

"voluntary botnet" why does such a thing even exist?? Did voluntary Borg exist?

It's called that because the latest version of LOIC has a 'Hive Mind' feature where users give control of their computers (temporarily) to an IRC channel operator, thus becoming part of a voluntary botnet, more so than just 'Lets all attack this target.' See LOIC

Comment: Re:What fidelity (Score 1) 178

by El Capitaine (#32225078) Attached to: Microsoft Accuses Google Docs of Data Infidelity
Very much agreed.

The whole "The Word on one machine does not read word files created on another machine in a different version" is utter bullshit. While some formatting data tends to get screwed up, I've never had this problem with one version of word to another in over 10 years.

On the other hand, I used to get one-day extensions in high school by taking a random file, changing the extension to .doc, and then showing the teacher that the file wouldn't open =D

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