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NASA Universe-Watching Satellite Losing Its Cool 153

coondoggie writes "NASA this week said its Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE satellite is heating up — not a good thing when your primary mission instrument needs to be kept cold to work. According to NASA, WISE has two coolant tanks that keep the spacecraft's normal operating temperature at 12 Kelvin (minus 438 degrees Fahrenheit). The outer, secondary tank is now depleted, causing the temperature to increase. One of WISE's infrared detectors, the longest-wavelength band most sensitive to heat, stopped producing useful data once the telescope warmed to 31 Kelvin (minus 404 degrees Fahrenheit)."

Comment Re:I guess I'm old fashioned (Score 1) 439

Hardly true. Unless you're talking of really low level stuff(ie pre-university), most of the time you find yourself with teachers doing exams extremely biased to what they said and not the actual subject.
This means you can be smart, and know the subject fairly well but find yourself not getting good grades because you did not explain it the way the teacher repeated it in class.

Alternatively, it is quite obvious to anyone who actually went to school that those leading their classes are rarely the smartest, but those that worked their ass off.

Intelligence certainly does not give you academic success.

Comment Re:I guess I'm old fashioned (Score 1) 439

Is it? At least for me, most of the work I do I learned out of school. School I only did to get diplomas and degrees to get the job in the first place. It's not so much education anymore as just a way to prove you're smart enough to matter.(and even that part is not so true, since dumb overachievers will do better than lazy smart people most of the time)

A Professional Perspective On Apple's Retina Display 346

Reader BWJones, who is a retinal scientist, sends in this detailed analysis of the iPhone 4's "retinal display," which includes photomicrographs of the display pixels of earlier generations of iPhone as well as the iPad. Well worth a read. "... as you can see from these images of the displays I captured under a microscope, the pixels are not square. Rather they are rectangular, and while the short axis is 78 microns, the long axis on the iPhone 4 pixel is somewhere in the neighborhood of 102 microns. ... While [an earlier analysis by] Dr. Soneira was partially correct with respect to the retina, Apple's Retina Display adequately represents the resolution at which images fall upon our retina. ... [I] find Apple's claims stand up to what the human eye can perceive."

Submission + - In THIS house... FTL fields and currents. Really!->

fyngyrz writes: So you think of electrons like dominoes in a wire. Push on the one in the end, the others react one after another. Pretty vanilla physics. Further, because the electrons are moving, you get magnetic effects, radio, etc. Good stuff. So. What if you move all the "dominos" at once? Put your virtual hand on all of them, and push them over. They're not moving sequentially any longer. They move together. At any speed you can make them go. Well, that's what these researchers are doing — "pushing" all along a conductor at once, able to make a signal go — ready? — FTL. Fascinating stuff. And it may explain pulsars.
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Submission + - Thailand shuts down 43,000 more websites->

An anonymous reader writes: Bangkok Post reports that the Thai government has now shut down over 43,000 websites deemed defamatory to the royal institution. Thai ISP's are warned to cooperate 'voluntarily' or lose their license. This is in addition to 17,000+ that were recently blocked for 'national security', including both Facebook and Twitter accounts.
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Comment Re:My take as an old time firefox user ... (Score 2, Informative) 646

Also, it is true that jemalloc(the memory allocator) of firefox is quite broken under linux. It is however quite good under windows, and there are very few leaks from firefox itself nowadays. Most leaks come from non-updated extensions/a couple known culprits(see firebug/video download helper/menu editor, and a couple others)

Comment My take as an old time firefox user ... (Score 5, Interesting) 646

I think that the problem is actually that the higher firefox devs. seem to be focused on looking like chrome/opera... and keep on introducing new features that break the rest of the browser.
People don't move to chrome because of the ui(well okay, some do, most I know didn't), they moved because it was faster and less buggy.

What firefox needs is optimization/cleaning, not new features.

I will personally stay with the fox until chrome or opera allow for both real gui modification(which both opera and chrome lack) and extensions(chrome has that, or at least starting to pick up).v

Inventor Demonstrates Infinitely Variable Transmission 609

ElectricSteve writes with this excerpt from Gizmag: "Ready for a bit of a mental mechanical challenge? Try your hand at understanding how the D-Drive works. Steve Durnin's ingenious new gearbox design is infinitely variable — that is, with your motor running at a constant speed, the D-Drive transmission can smoothly transition from top gear all the way through neutral and into reverse. It doesn't need a clutch, it doesn't use any friction drive components, and the power is always transmitted through strong, reliable gear teeth. In fact, it's a potential revolution in transmission technology."

Comment Re:NO gig-e low # ports and pci bus for most of th (Score 1) 344

Uh... What about if you want your box to do good 802.11n? That's faster than 100FE. Considering the OP talks of a router to replace his wrt54GL one can safely assume he intends to use wifi devices. And reasonably one can expect ether devices too, possibly on GbE. So sure internet<->router requiring GbE is rare, but device<-GbE ether->router<-wifi->device is hardly uncommon.

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