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Comment: Re:Nice summary (Score 4, Interesting) 278

by Eirenarch (#44765405) Attached to: Jury Finds Google Guilty of Standards-Essential Patents Abuse Against MS

This is factually wrong. MS did negotiate. In fact the judge sent the parties to negotiate but obviously Google did not want money from MS but for MS to stop suing Android manufacturers. In this case they were expecting MS to trade patents worth millions for patents worth pennies (you may not agree with patents but this is the current law).

+ - Radio Free Albemuth Movie Hits Kickstarter

Submitted by Eirenarch
Eirenarch (1099517) writes "The independent film Radio Free Albemuth based on Philip K. Dick's novel of the same name has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a theatrical release. Frankly speaking the campaign is not doing very well and it seems like geek websites have not been paying attention. Did Slashdot readers know about the movie and the campaign?

Oh and the perks on this are great. For $50 you get the DVD signed by the director."

Comment: Re:Fuck off (Score 1) 309

by Eirenarch (#43678905) Attached to: Microsoft's Most Profitable Mobile Operating System: Android

Motorola are the only one fighting and I think we all know why. If Google pays it will be equivalent to them telling everyone who uses Android that they should pay Microsoft. Not that it is not the case already. BTW claiming that behemoths like Samsung can't defend themselves if they think Microsoft do not have anything real is absurd.

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