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Comment Re:The hand I learn something with I use forever (Score 1) 260

If it's an average I consider it more likely that a few left handed people have probably died as a result of operating heavy machinery and other dangerous things designed for right handed people and as a result have been killed. I'm not sure this would be enough to bring the average down an entire year though. A lot of things are simply more difficult for left handed people.

Comment Re:Why not use Raspberry Pi? UK innovation. (Score 3, Informative) 103

I was at a talk from one of these guys once and from what I remember he said that the amount of things you get with a phone make it attractive. They have a camera, temperature sensor and compass straight off as well as probably more stuff. A Raspberry Pi probably would be better with some more work though.

Comment Re:Parasites (Score 1) 114

The Queen doesn't have constitutional functions. The British political system is slightly retarded.
Officially the Queen is the executive, she signs into law bills passed by parliament but she doesn't actually have any say. Parliament has all the power.
If a president was to be elected then they would surely have a large amount of legitmacy and so should have some power? This would require a major change in parliament; the house of lords would probably have to go as it would be hard for them to claim legitimacy.

Comment Re:Parasites (Score 1) 114

How do you go about removing the monarchy at this point? Most of our governance system would need changing. A lot of people dislike the monarchy but there has never been a choice to not have it. There is also the fact (and I hate this arguement) that the monarchy charactorises Britain, I have even heard arguements that they bring in revenue through tourism but I have not seen much evidence for this.

The monarchy has at least been stripped of almost all power. The Queen isn't really even a figurehead, just a tradition.
Open Source

Open Source Electric Cars — Good Idea Or Not? 178

thecarchik submits this interesting bit of flame: "Many are keen on the concept of open source electric cars — that is, electric cars where the built-in software can be tweaked, parameters can be changed, and in theory, the cars can be improved. Only it's a really, really bad idea. ... Even carmakers themselves have trouble with software — Fisker has issued a recall and apology recently with its Karma — so allowing average Joe to tweak the car's inner workings seems like a bad idea. Changing the characteristics of an electric car isn't as simple as re-jetting the carbs or swopping out the air filter." Whether software is controlling electric cars or not seems to me beside the point; access to the underlying software doesn't guarantee improvements, but blocking access to it doesn't stop car makers from making software mistakes — it only ensures that those few interested hackers who might be able to work around them have a harder time of it. (Not that tweaking car software is new, or going away.)

Comment It's free (Score 1) 516

>$20 billion per year business, with average recipients charged $750,000 for a transplant
No? It's free, at least while the NHS still exists. I'm happy to give my organs whether I'm brain dead or really dead. I'm not that important and saving a life is one of the most amazing things I can think of to do in my life.

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