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Comment Re:kerala (Score 1) 142

Kerala is wierd place.

Some more facts:

1. http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/01/0 7/0711224
2. Literacy: 91%
3. Had the first elected communist government which was brought down soon after.
4. Some notable keralites
  • M. Night Shyamalan, the guy who makes boring movies,
  • Arundati Roy, Pulitzer Prize Winner for "God of Small Things"
  • George Sudarshan, the physicist who NEVER got nobel prize for Sudarshan-Glauber representation in quantum optics in 2005. (But Glauber got it).
  • d. Edwin Jose Palathinkal, the louzer who made this post ;)
5. BTW,(just to give the idea of open mindedness) there where christians in kerala before there were christians in britain.
6. When Vasco da Gamma thought he found the sea route to kerala, Zheng He was already there by sea.
7. Now if RMS & govt. wants kerala to use Linux, then so b it... I bet the people here are ready for it given what they have achieved and the attitude of the people. I'm sure it will b successful. This was better decision than Andhra Pradesh's who chose to be slaves for MS.

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