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by Edward Nardella (#43935713) Attached to: It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously
Manufactures will sell more phones if they use their kill switches. People will no longer have the option to buy a stolen phone which means they buy a new phone. A killed phone will mean that one more phone is sold and has to be built. Stealing a phone just changes the owner it doesn't take it out of use, killing a phone does.

+ - Al-Jazeera English gets broadcast rights in canada->

Submitted by Edward Nardella
Edward Nardella (1503565) writes "I'm very happy to find out that the CRTC approved a licence for Al-Jazeera English to broadcast in Canada. This will bring more international news to Canadian viewers and the new Al-Jazeera press office in Canada that is being opened now will bring more Canadian news to the world stage."
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