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Comment Re:But, But... (Score 1) 282

Manufactures will sell more phones if they use their kill switches. People will no longer have the option to buy a stolen phone which means they buy a new phone. A killed phone will mean that one more phone is sold and has to be built. Stealing a phone just changes the owner it doesn't take it out of use, killing a phone does.

Submission + - Al-Jazeera English gets broadcast rights in canada->

Edward Nardella writes: I'm very happy to find out that the CRTC approved a licence for Al-Jazeera English to broadcast in Canada. This will bring more international news to Canadian viewers and the new Al-Jazeera press office in Canada that is being opened now will bring more Canadian news to the world stage.
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Comment Re:Seems like the Swedish know what to do. (Score 1) 319

What your saying reminds be of the thoughts that came to mind during the most recent presidential inauguration in the USA. It looked more like a coronation of a successor (by personal relationship) to a monarchy than the inauguration of a freely elected leader.

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