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Comment: Re:It's really Psion's trademark (Score 2, Insightful) 234

by EdotOrg (#26225739) Attached to: Netbooks Popular Enough For a C&D From Psion

"Subnotebook accurately describes what it is but has the added benefit of being immediately understood."

Correct on the first part, incorrect on the second. You may be too close to the technology, but Average Joe (plumber or not) would respond with a blank stare if asked about a "subnotebook".

What, is that the part underneath the regular notebook?

Comment: Re:What the hell? (Score 4, Interesting) 779

by EdotOrg (#26188261) Attached to: Diskeeper Accused of Scientology Indoctrination

I think the obvious solution to this, should they actually have a legal basis, is to require that only NON-scientologists can be employed at a company.

After all, if the 1st amendment protects religious requirements for employment, isn't the inverse true as well?

Perhaps this isn't a road they should go down...


NASA's Invention of the Year Award Goes to Synthetic Muscles 49

Posted by Zonk
from the we're-so-close-to-cyborgs dept.
coondoggie writes "It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: technology that can act like muscle and nerves to expand and contract. The invention has been named the NASA Government Invention of the Year for 2007. 'The Macro-Fiber Composite, or MFC, is made up of ceramic fibers and can be attached to a structure to bend it, reduce vibrations and monitor force. By applying voltage to the MFC, the ceramic fibers change shape to expand or contract and turn the resulting force into a bending or twisting action on the material. MFC technology could also find its way into inflatable space structures can be used for antennas, communication satellites, space station trusses, and solar sail support structures, NASA said.'"

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