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Comment Would make a nice kickstarter project (Score 1) 161

I don't think there are any readily available solutions for your problem and it's not an easy one to solve either with an independent device. GPS is useless indoors and more so with the resolution you need (the few meters between bedroom and dining hall).

You would have to build your own solution for this problem, using Arduino, most likely. Relative positioning using accelerometers is your best bet for an independent device, but positioning error builds quickly and you would need it to reset the error by making a reference to an absolute marker every now and then.

Non independent solutions could use RFID tags placed at regular intervals on the walls, granted the living center would have to let you do that too.

As for the display, a circle made of LEDs should be fairly easy to make. Just light up the ones pointing in the correct direction.

Comment Re:Distance (Score 1) 63

Half credit.
Assuming an imaginary balloon that never explodes and we're filling up with air at a constant rate, yes, you are right! The volume differential is less each time, so the overall inflating of the balloon is slower over time.

However, in the case of the universe, the balloon is being inflated faster as time passes by (current universe expansion is assumed to be accelerating). Furthermore, even in the case of a steadily inflating balloon, we're talking about relative speeds between dots on the surface, which still holds true even if the volume differential slows down. Points father away from each other separate faster than close one for any given delta time.

Comment Re:Distance (Score 4, Informative) 63

The universe is expanding in every direction. Think of it as a balloon inflating. Any two spots on the surface become further and further apart. The farther they are from each other, the faster the move away from each other as the balloon inflates.

Similarly, as the universe expands, the objects that are the furthest away move the fastest away from us, thus causing more redshift than objects closer to us. Although you should not think as much as the object itself moving away, as much as the space between the objects becoming larger.

Sorry if your ears are bleeding now.

Comment Re:EVER HEARD OF A (Score 4, Interesting) 131

Can BLOG do peer review?

Short answer is: Yes.

Long answer:
Peer-reviewed articles is a fairly new thing in science, and most often than not, and the review process is highly questionable. This is because the article is often not reviewed by someone that is interested or a major expert in the field, but instead publishers select reviewers at random and assign them papers to review. In some cases, professors and researches hand down the papers are then given to grad students, who have no expertise in the field, to actually review the papers (my thesis adviser gave me a couple to check a once or twice during my PhD). And as someone who has had his articles reviewed, the criticisms are poor and usually minor (readability is poor, maybe add a chart or more experimental results, etc)

Before the age of peer-reviewed journals, the scientific article was published openly an ANYONE in the same field with an invested interest could attack it. The reviews were helpful and really good science came out of it, because the publishing scientist would have to defend or give up his theory. Now this only happens in very rare cases.

Comment Gender Distribution? (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Seems to be this is more related with the gender distribution in each major more than anything else.
Engineering and sciences have a high percentage of males vs females. Therefore is logical to think that any woman in that field has a lot of possible partners to choose from.
The backwards can be said about Nursery. Mainly a female oriented vocation, any male nurse will have a rather large pool to select a partner from.
Seems pretty obvious, I 'unno...

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