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Comment: There's an interesting problem with this approach (Score 1) 79

I tried to tackle the same thing a couple of months back using OpenCV and a smartphone. Before starting I consulted with people that knew sign language and the problem is not so much recognizing hand gestures, but facial expressions. They say that most of the conversation happens with a a given look, a frown, or the movement of the lips.

Needless to say, I though it was too hard to solve the problem on a smartphone so I postponed the project. I don't think Kinect can do a much better job at picking up the small details of facial expressions, but let's wait an see.

Comment: Helicopter Crash!! (Score 0) 110

by Edis Krad (#44713199) Attached to: NASA Scientists Jubilant After Successful Helicopter Crash
Wow! They probably remote flew a helicopter and then crashed it at a few miles per hour and it went up in a big ball of fire, but not before giving out some exciting new data taken by high-speed cameras placed....

*watches video*

It's a fuselage dropped from a crane not 30 feet from the ground. That was pretty anti-climatic...

Comment: Re:Slowly sip the power! (Score 1) 72

by Edis Krad (#44492979) Attached to: World's First Road-Powered Electric Vehicle Network Opens
The article is pretty flimsy with the tech details, but if it is anything like magnetic induced current, the car need to be in motion to recharge (ie, traveling across the magnetic field). Unless you plan to be running along the road to charge your laptop, I'd say it's pretty inconvenient to recharge your devices that way.

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