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Comment: Re:Are you a human being? (Score 1) 527

by EddyGL (#41296581) Attached to: Following FEMA's Zombie Preparedness Plan Could Land You On Terrorist List

Just to clear up the slight misunderstanding.
At first the German airforce was bombing strictly military targets in England, in order to soften it for invasion. However, one night. a single German pilot became lost and accidentally dropped his bombs over central London, prompting a retaliation by the British airforce, during which they bombed Berlin for the first time during the war. This so outraged Hitler that he ordered all strikes on military targets, such as the RAF, to be stopped and ordered a merciless concentrated bombing attack on London itself, now known as "The Blitz". Before this started leaders of the RAF had estimated that they could only hold out maybe a couple more weeks, before loosing so many aircraft, so much equipment and personal that they'd become completely ineffective as a fighting force. This break allowed the RAF to rebuild and resupply their airfields, repair their equipment and planes, and allowed the pilots and ground crews a respite from constant bombing. So yes, it was a rather dramatic turning point in the Battle of Britain.

Comment: Re:screenshots? (Score 0) 871

by EddyGL (#27706865) Attached to: Ubuntu 9.04 Is As Slick As Win7, Mac OS X

Am I the only one who thinks the default look of OS X, with that *gag* wallpaper, is cheap lookin?

Personally I prefer a subtle background, and slighty dark default color scheme. Most of my time I'm looking at the information IN the application, not the application itself. A muted color scheme lets the UI features fade to my eye, while I concentrate on what I'm doing.

Comment: Re:Do not underestimate Western-security procedure (Score 0) 330

by EddyGL (#27667709) Attached to: Computer Spies Breach $300B Fighter-Jet Project

When the actual F-35 is deployed, it will defeat those countermeasures and deliver its nuclear payload to Beijing -- on time and on target.

An F-35 to deliver a nuclear payload to Bejing?

I shutter to think of what might have happened to all the submarine launched missiles, land based ballistic missiles, B-2 stealth bombers, B-1B bombers, even cruise missiles?

What form of catastrophy would leave the US in the position of needing to nuke Bejing, and having no more approriate asset left to do it with, then it's second line fighter?

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".