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by Ecuador (#48204281) Attached to: What It Took For SpaceX To Become a Serious Space Company

Eh, PayPal was among the first revolutionary online-payment services that enabled the rapid expansion of e-commerce. What you know now as the "evil PayPal" is what happened after Ebay bought it.

I still can't believe it is legal, in so many ways. I mean, I don't think anybody could argue ebay is not a monopoly in the online auction space, and yet they are allowed to only permit their own payment service (so they take a percentage on top of their commission).
Then, they hold your money like a bank account and even extend credit, and yet, unlike banks, they can freeze your money with no explanation.

The PayPal situation boggles the mind, but it is not related to Musk's

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by Ecuador (#48189607) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

That's what I was thinking. A similarly sized male with similar fitness and muscle mass would probably burn the same calories. Sex has nothing to do with it.

I am pretty sure that depending the frequency and the intensity it might have a great effect on calorie requirements. Obviously I can't be sure since there is no first hand experience on these matters on /., but that's what bibliography indicates. Hmm, of course now that I think about it maybe the last statement was not accurate, as "first hand" does come into mind when thinking about the relevant experience of the average /.er...

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Hmm, so you are saying it is not really an ISP. It is only an email provider. And so we are not really talking about something like a 3rd world country, it is not so much a matter of infrastructure but of control (Cuba perhaps?). Have you looked at getting them satellite internet perhaps? I haven't looked at it recently, but I remember apart from expensive "regular" services there were some inexpensive ones where you would put a file in a queue and it would be broadcast to you. If something like that is available, you could be putting big files with your messages, videos, or whatever else you wanted up for them and set it so that it was downloaded on their end.

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Do you time travel to 1995 to visit your parents? In any case, the overall scenario and questions don't make sense. Do they have some sort of dial up service that only allows them to access their email (with a 15MB inbox no less!) and nothing else? If so, not having web access how do they get all these viruses and spam email? If they do have web access, why do they have to use that "blast-from-the-past" email account for which you are trying to find crazy workarounds instead of anything else? It doesn't have to be webmail, you can set them up with a POP or IMAP service. Also, why the talk about running commands from email, can't you use one of the dial-up friendly remote management software? TeamViewer works over 56k. I doubt the "anonymous poster" is describing a real situation, it sounds more like an attempt at trolling.

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