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Comment: Exactly, this "Kill Switch" is idiotic (Score 2) 132

by Ecuador (#46775671) Attached to: Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality
And dangerous. Just make IMEI be on read-only memory so that it is not over-written, and then, instead of rejecting stolen phones you can even pinpoint them and send a cop to pick them up along with the thief... All the technology is already there, the only problem is that there are no rules that make carriers tell you (or even the police) where your stolen phone is and who has it (in many countries SIM cards are not anonymous by law).

Comment: Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 325

by Ecuador (#46642773) Attached to: Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms
In the US top students do not pay for graduate school, it is the other way around - tuition is waived and you even get a stipend depending what sort of TA/RA-ship etc you get (I am not referring to special cases of expensive studies like Law school, MBAs, medical school...). In fact, since many of the top schools are public their tuition is already low, but when I said about letting top talent go, I was referring to the students that would anyway not have paid for their Masters or PhD.

Comment: Simple solution (Score 4, Insightful) 325

by Ecuador (#46637605) Attached to: Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms
Instead of increasing H1b's which are abused by offshore firms, make a new category for foreigners who hold a graduate degree from a top US school. The US has by far the best Universities in most areas, but the best foreign students often leave the US because of the very restrictive H1b Visa system (employment-tied, application only on April for October start, dependents not eligible for work etc). Why provide world-leading education and then let the best talent go?

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by Ecuador (#46478265) Attached to: Amazon Hikes Prime Membership Fee

Hahaha, after years with Amazon Prime (from 2006) going back to a European country with no Prime was indeed quite annoying and I found it hard to explain to people what they were missing. Right now I am in the UK where there is prime, so I am again a subscriber although it is pricier and worse (way less stuff, higher prices, earlier cutoff for next day delivery) than the US.

Now, for me though, it was even more amazing than your description. It seems that it depends on where you live, but I was in NYC and I almost always got my stuff next day using free prime shipping. In fact, my wife ordered once a silver necklace at 2am before going to sleep, and at 9am, a mere 7 hours later a knock on the door woke us up. Sure enough, the necklace had arrived!

And that is not the only cool thing about it. I moved into a new house, went into amazon, the next day I had a projector, a projection screen (very heavy 120" with tripod), an home theater right at my doorstep. Free shipping. And a couple of months later my home theater amplifier had a problem and the manufacturer told me I had to ship it to their service (heavy amp, my own shipping cost), I wrote to Amazon asking whether they could help even if it was beyond the 1-month return window. They said they'd be happy to help and sent me a pre-paid return label, I sent it and got a full refund! Obviously, after that I bought all the big ticket items from Amazon. In fact, for computer parts I used to buy from NewEgg, but while their RMA was fast, you had to pay your own shipping back (also there was re-stocking fee IIRC on some items). But after having repeatedly excellent service from Amazon, I valued the fact that the item would arrive faster and would be shipped back free with a printable label if there was a problem for a full refund, so bought from Amazon even in cases where the price was somewhat higher.

Streaming is just an added bonus. The Prime experience was worth it before streaming and it was a real bargain at that price. Oh, some people complaining about bad experiences with Amazon, confuse Amazon with Amazon Marketplace - which is like ebay basically.

Comment: Re:The MP3 files are just fine (Score 1) 413

I am 35. The installers ranged from 25-45, they couldn't hear it. One said he might be hearing something, but he couldn't really tell because of the sound of the fan. My wife couldn't hear it. Neither has anyone else since then (they replaced it, it is no longer loud, but I can still hear it). Trust me, it is not the 50th percentile, it has happened to me way too often to hear things like laptop chargers at annoying volumes when no-one else can hear a thing, or have to stick their ear on it. It is not only whether you can perceive a 16 or 17kHz sound or not, it is how sensitive you are at that frequency and that is what is abnormal with me, I am way too sensitive for some very high frequencies to the point of e.g. some chargers or TVs being really annoying for me to be in the same room with. I know that in the army when they gave us an audible spectrum test only about 10% passed the entire range (I don't know how high they tested), so at 31 I was at least at that percentile, but as I said from experience I haven't actually found anyone as sensitive. For that test they did not release results, the reason I know it is another funny story. Supposedly if you did not pass the minimum range set you had ear damage and you were disqualified from the fire range. The trainees who processed the results mixed the minimum range with the maximum range and only qualified those who passed the latter, announcing that over 100 of the 120 people tested were quite deaf according to the tests. At least the higher ups figured out relatively quickly that something had gone wrong and everybody got to go to the fire range a day later... on foot... through a muddy "road".. 15 km away... boots, helmets, G3 battle rifles, flasks and all... most guys thought back to the good days when they were deaf and did not have to go shooting...

Comment: Re:The MP3 files are just fine (Score 1) 413

Hehe, I am close to the 1/10000% you say in some aspects. Well, at least in one aspect. Interesting story: I had an inverter installed for a solar panel array and when they switched it on, I stepped back "whoa, what is that loud whistling noise?" the installers were looking at me like I was crazy. Well, I told them, granted, it is very high pitch, a bit higher than, say, the whistling noise a CRT usually makes, I'd say over 15kHz, but it is really really loud, don't you feel anything - I can't even get close to the thing! The response was "what whistling noise the CRT makes???". I had to pull out my phone and download a spectrum analyzer. Sure enough, even the phone mic picked up a huge spike at 16.1kHz... But, I certainly can't tell compressed audio if it is over say 192kbps. I probably can't afford the playback equipment that can actually demonstrate the difference before even getting into the debate of whether it is perceivable by humans or not...

+ - Tesla can no longer sell card in NJ starting April 1st 2

Submitted by fructose
fructose (948996) writes "It looks like the automobile dealerships convinced the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to approve a new rule requiring auto retailers to have a franchise agreement with an auto manufacturer in order to sell cars in New Jersey. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Tesla only got wind of a special meeting to determine new rules withing 72 hours of the scheduled time. Tesla now needs to get a law change to be able to sell cars directly to consumers there. Chalk up another win for old fashioned business models being threatened by new ideas."

Comment: Re:But He Isn't (Score 1) 276

by Ecuador (#46426949) Attached to: Should Newsweek Have Outed Satoshi Nakamoto's Personal Details?
I have a foreign name that is not common, perhaps there is another one or two in the US? So when a friend of mine happened to pass by Long Island city many years ago, he was pretty certain he found my phone number when he got a local hit when calling 411. Fortunately I don't share much with this other "ecuador" fellow that lived less than a mile away, because my friend called and asked for me and a lady told him I was in church. Knowing me, he responded "Ecuador? In church? That can't be right! What the hell is he doing there?" The answer was "He is giving a sermon...".

Comment: Holy Crap! (Score 1) 127

by Ecuador (#46385405) Attached to: The Ephemerality and Reality of the Jetpack
I saw that when I was a kid in the 80's on some TV program and as I grew up I was pretty sure that I had either watched something fictional, or I was too young and misunderstood. I mean, if they had that working in the 70s, they would have something even better in the 90s, 00s etc, instead of, ehm, pretty much nothing. Thanks for that! You verified my childhood memory and solved what was a "mystery" to me!!

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