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Comment Re:Couldn't even get rid of it in the show (Score 2) 485

Well, no money works for most things in the ST universe since they are in abundance. You can create almost anything via the replicator (and presumably the energy required is practically free). So food, clothing etc is free. But there are still some things that are scarce, like animals (although at least one type of animal in ST has proven to be anything but scarce) or when dealing with other societies that only understand money (and ear rubbing).
So while there are a couple of mentions of "federation credit" that are just sloppy writing, there are legitimate reasons there would be such a system for those edge cases.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 53

in its test flight it had no crew (the Russians thought it was too dangerous!)

Well, they had copied the US designs, and I guess even with their improvements they still didn't quite trust it! ;)

Question is, why didn't the USA develop the automated/remotely controlled capabilities that the Russians had??

The real question is why didn't NASA just buy it off for next to nothing after the fall of the Soviet Union. I mean they ended up relying on much older Soviet technology to get to the ISS, it would have been so much better to have salvaged that nice Buran project...

Comment Re:lesson learned (Score 1) 138

I'm in the same boat. For a while now, every update has made things worse for me, usually having to do with my multi-monitor desktop. If I remember correctly the most functional OS X for me was Snow Leopard, it sort of went downhill from there, but I had been forced to do an update every now and then because I had to use a current version of Xcode. Until Yosemite that is - it became so dysfunctional that I got a separate machine as an Xcode box to run Yosemite (and upgrade to El Capitan when Xcode makes me), and my main machine is staying on Mavericks. Similar, the iPad I actually use myself is still on iOS 7, while the iOS devices used for development are on iOS 9...
With windows I have some (older) machines running happily on Windows XP and some newer ones on Windows 7. Sure MS gives us some really crappy OS updates from time to time, but they don't FORCE our hand. Windows XP is older than the first "Cheetah" version of OS X, yet it is actually useful for things and quite functional (if it wasn't for the discontinuation of support for it - MS supported it for many, many more years than Apple does - it would still be a good option for many).

Comment It is just the first step... (Score 3, Funny) 54

It is just the first step of a two step process to protect the South Korean youth from one of the five most common causes of injury or death. The second step is to install gps devices on all electric fans. When the system shows a youth in the same location as a working fan for more than 30 minutes, the authorities will be alerted.

Comment I had never heard of it before getting a Smart TV (Score 4, Informative) 89

I had never heard of it before getting a Samsung Smart TV and since I didn't actually get the 51" Plasma to watch broadcast television, I had to find a way to stream my media from a server, without actually having a laptop next to the TV. Anyway, I looked up possible technologies and DLNA that the TV supported seemed the best solution. After I painfully found out DLNA in practice is riddled with problems, I went back to google and Plex came up. A free Plex Media Sever was installed on the Mac Pro, an also free client was installed on the Smart TV, et voila, streaming with full support of any format I had, multiple audio & subtitle streams, plus excellent library organization (it recognizes your media, shows covers/meta data, even downloads subtitles automatically with the proper plugin).
I also got a chromecast dongle at some point and I use it to send some browser video streams to the TV, but for two years now Plex has served me very well. If you have a platform, like a Smart TV/Smart Bluray etc where the Plex client is free, definitely give it a try.

Comment How the hell do I know that it is Bennett? (Score 4, Funny) 128

Slashdot is filled with lousy posts nowadays, so I am used to crap, I just go quickly through them without even noticing the submitter. But, every time time there is a Bennett one, I immediatelly look up to verify the submitter after just having read two sentences. How does he do it? How is his crap so distinctive as to be instantly recognized? What kind of algorithm could detect if a piece of text was written by Bennett to filter it out of our internet?

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