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User Journal

Journal: What is the best android to ubuntu end to end internet encryption solution? 2

Journal by kesuki

my girlfriend was acting strangely and got in trouble. i believe it was due to interception of private cyber messaging. i wish to have something i can explain over the phone to an android user. so basically she needs and app and possible user/login info. i can configure my end but need a walkthrough or other assitance to set up my end of the comms. i need encryption so when it is multicast on the internet it doesn't get spied on because really no one else wants to know what i 37 do with a 21

Comment: Re:Then again ... (Score 1) 447

by kesuki (#49247057) Attached to: Homeopathy Turns Out To Be Useless For Treating Medical Conditions

the human body has so many cells and auto heals placebo effect is just random self repairing mechanism not failing at critical. until someone really measures the exact brain chemistry of people at the time they 'placebo' heal instead of drug heal it is just lucky that the medicine perhaps just does the same thing placebo users bodies are doing automatically.

Comment: and they thought dick tracey was ahead of... (Score 1) 3

by kesuki (#49227231) Attached to: Now who could this be referring to?

it's time. what is the difference? every cool idea ever invented was thought of way before what we call 'modern' times. my music suggests that 'modern' companies are just reinventing the same old stuff that was known about for ages and if they weren't common it is just because people didn't 'need' them or 'want' them. who wants a watch you have to charge every night along with your phone and thus have two things to remember to plug in?!?

Comment: Re:Full blooded American here (Score 1) 671

by kesuki (#49179685) Attached to: Snowden Reportedly In Talks To Return To US To Face Trial

snowden has a lot of options, he could wipe his mind clean and then be completely a vegitable. for one. i'm sure there are bugs that would love to infest his brain too... or he could just learn how to spontaneously combust. he could try to grow plants inside his body that use fusion to power their growth and petrify his heart while he still lives. he could use an array of abacus to start number crunching the full length string of pi. he could lock his brain in a infinite loop of forkbombs... even if they dd his brain the password file is probably eroded from the acid rain. so only guest accounts with no passwords can log in...

Comment: Re:How did they do it (Score 1, Funny) 61

by kesuki (#49178929) Attached to: Lost City Discovered In Honduran Rain Forest

"I'm always amazed that they were able to build a civilization in such a thick jungle."

have you ever heard of Wraith bioelectronics? how about Zerg bio-infestation? what about the orc former ally the undead serving nazul?

a zero-point-module can sustain a sufficently large jungle if it gets one the above applied to it.

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. -- John Muir