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Comment: Re:you only need 5mbps for netflix HD (Score 1) 289

by kesuki (#48210267) Attached to: Will Fiber-To-the-Home Create a New Digital Divide?

first of for the record, internet speeds are measured in bits per second this is also the case with video, but not everyone is a movie head. ergo a 60mbps connection is actually a 7.5mBps connection. says a typical 720p will use 2.5 mbps and a 1080p 5 mbps. this is wrong for many reasons. how many audio channels does it have if it's more than 0 it needs at a minimum 64 kbit/s per horrible lossy audio. then the problem with especially rapidly changing graphics causing encode time spikes where the data is not all capable of being stored at the given bitrate, then there is network routing delays and dropped packets. a buffer will usually smooth that out though.

okay then lets see here, every device that is used for youtube and netflix has to work simultaneously on all devices at the same time. sure a 10 mbit/s stream will let you get 2 streams of data, maybe if they're crappy quality you tubes. 60 mbps and then you can possibly stream 8 streams if they're meant to be shared on the internet. while you can thus say 60mbps is plenty fast for home users, there was a time (holidays) when there were 12 people on the wifi at the same time. and consumer wifi can have 50 connections, so realistically people need 375 mbps, so everyone at a party can stream at the same time. no that was a joke... with 6 antennas it is hard to run 50 connections anyways, even with them all being trancievers.

there were people who swore that dialup was enough for them, at the time who would have dared dream of being able to drop $120 for a 128 GigaByte chip the size of a fingernail so saying gigabit networking has no use for home users (though there clearly are for businesses, someone made netflix you know) is to be shortsighted.

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by kesuki (#48209173) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

"Prepare for the steering wheel in new cars to work in exactly the opposite way, and for the brake pedal and accelerator to be active when released rather than pressed. Surely you won't get into much trouble on the road now that I've told you about that in advance."

nono its no use using a facetious quip. the gas can will now be on the passenger side, not the drivers side, but company b is putting them behing the rear driver plate. or wait the turn signal needs to be on the left side with the lights, no thats where we'll put the cruise control and the wiper blade activations. no wait lets move the lights to their own switch on the dash, no wait we need to put the wiper blades and the lights together...

had you used a real driver issue like the ones all real from above you would have gone further with the software/car analogy.

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Journal: found the breach in my network... 1

Journal by kesuki

So i don't control everything that happens on my network and i had people besides me able to install programs. well i found the culprit and my network was compromised 2 months ago. i have since closed the hole (allowing other people to install software) at least on my network. checking logs to see if the scan caught the files already and quarantined the file or if i have to re

Comment: Re:Problem (Score 1) 354

by Eccles (#48165327) Attached to: Apple Announces iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite and More

The free development environment in XCode, and reasonable, inexpensive general-purpose apps in Pages, Numbers, et al, make it fairly easy to set up to do most general computing tasks, without the Windows issues where many people prefer older versions to new, it still has drive letters, etc.

Comment: Re:What's the point anymore? (Score 2) 201

by Eccles (#48154605) Attached to: Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9

Yeah, they just lost me. I hate contracts and have been switching phones fairly regularly, selling the old phone to help pay for the new. So it was perhaps $100 to upgrade each time. Now it's more like $400 to upgrade, and there's lots of quality competition at that price. The only clear advantage it has, assuming you don't absolutely want a phablet, is its version of Android is most up-to-date. I think it's going to lose the Nexus fans, most of whom will stay with the 5, without gaining much of an audience. How unique is the fast charging?

And I'm particularly annoyed because I'm on T-Mobile, which has their new Wi-Fi calling/texting feature, but it's not supported with the 5. (Rumor was the 6 would support it.)

Comment: Re:Judging by lots of their products... (Score 1) 213

by kesuki (#48150165) Attached to: Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too

the push for younger coders is to create a user base for microsoft and facebook. microsoft is still thinking everyone can be converted to their crappy software base by letting kids learn how to code for it. when i was coding ircbots i was totally hooked on using windows, because for most of my life gaming i had played on windows computers and nintendo consoles...

i had some pretty cool projects like an ASCII video player (think ASCII art, replaying static frames manually typed out for playback on mirc) it actually was able to get almost 30fps on a p-120 laptop with about 2gb hdd and 48MB of ram.

anyways compared to what i've seen these days a p-120 is pathetic, yet most of the people who use them don't need the speed hence tablets and laptops being so far behind desktop systems and graphic cards. wikipedia has documents that show that standards for video were all really old tech too, they had a plan to make themselves billionaires and have more gamer addicts whom tend to have the biggest craving for overpriced electronics.

and the bubbles come when people find out they are being suckered into buying stuff that is old and power hungry when they could have just used a iphone or android to get their facebook fix and candy crushing games. which are also overpriced but not if you get a used or 'older' model

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the first real world mass market character recognition i used was brain age 2 for nintendo ds and if you didn't start the characters the right stroke for stroke recognition it would screw up on you.

with many millions of users of the ds and it's descendants it is clear that microsoft is reinventing the wheel again.

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Journal: post compromize help please 2

Journal by kesuki

so since all my machines were compromised, i need to know what is the best solution for this problem. our wifi has a good router with firewall, but was unable to stop the infection of my systems.

the router is i believe linux based. is smoothwall still the best firewall? or should i roll my own using a BSD? which hardware makes the best firewall, should i install freebsd or linux to it.

Comment: Re:This doesn't add up (Score 1) 83

by kesuki (#48088739) Attached to: Infected ATMs Give Away Millions of Dollars Without Credit Cards

the problem you see, is ATMs require windows XP software. yes windows XP.
So the malware simply connects to a botnet, hops through inadequate satellite networks makes a map and reinfects itself after the system is cleaned. i have seen windows xp machines infected by satellite communications they are after all devices that must obey 'this device must accept any interference received' which is usually a kill switch to make them stop emitting radio waves, but also means viruses that transmit via radio must also be accepted it is the law after all.

Comment: Re:Skewed (Score 1) 15

by kesuki (#48085289) Attached to: How Dangerous is Being a Cop in the US?

'Poverty, like wealth is socially engineered - not the result of a supernaturally moral system of merits.'

"Yes, actually it is. Africa is, primarily, the way it is because it is full of Africans. Mexico is, primarily, the way it is because it is full of Mexicans. To the degree that Mexicans and Africans are allowed to achieve a critical mass in the USA without assimilating, is the degree that the USA will become more like Africa or Mexico. There is nothing "supernatural" about it, but the result of a simple truth that not all cultures are equal. To pretend moral equivalency, like this disturbed young man and so many others, is to play with the fate of our civilization."

1948 called, it wants your apartheid back.

if white supremacy is so good why did black people manage to overthrow it in 1994. why didn't germany overpower the whole world with their 'superior' white leadership? why not napoleon for that matter? we can go back to the roman empire if that stuff is 'too soon' for you.

the only thing that history has proven is that crazy white men tend to believe they are great at building empires and eventually find themselves overthrown.

Comment: the statistics leave out districts cops wont visit (Score 1) 15

by kesuki (#48070945) Attached to: How Dangerous is Being a Cop in the US?

there are neighborhoods and times of night where the cops don't patrol at all. there are massive areas where you cannot get a pizza delivered because the people there know pizza drivers carry change and fresh hot pizza and they can beat em down and such. generally they use difficult to trace prepaid cell phones using 150 talk minute cards and order as many places as they can have buddies at to get the most cash and pizza loot.

  in fact by merely mentioning this suddenly criminals can use addresses that are flagged as safe and just jump out of the bushes to get at the little money and hot pizza... not that you kids at home should do this kinda thing, its just some places are real bad. anyways cops don't go into the hood where people have guns and shoot at cops.

Comment: Re:To the hecklers... (Score 1) 172

by kesuki (#48049515) Attached to: New OS X Backdoor Malware Roping Macs Into Botnet

Macs have never been immune to viruses.

the reason windows needs AV protection to run safely is because one account can overwrite critical OS files replacing them with malware infested fake software, and everyone by default starts out with ability to install any program including malware that later will get the special administrator privileges (on a reboot) needed to permanently infect the machine.

heartbleed and shellshock are nasty but a well hardened install will not be a problem, as the users dumb enough to install bad software generally need to ask someone to do that for them. and yes i realize they can run any command and possibly as root with shellshock if your cgi-bin is running things as root. seems to me that with Apache needing to run things as user Apache or httpd it was quite the oversight to let cgi-bin run as root in the first place!

Comment: Re:The bigger Problem is their "updates" (Score 1) 577

by kesuki (#48044033) Attached to: Will Windows 10 Finally Address OS Decay?

I have a dell laptop with a 800 Mhz processor and it runs lubuntu faster than lubuntu on a lenovo quadcore 1.2ghz AMD apu...same os. one is what most would call obsolete and yes i installed with the same optical disc. the APU boots up faster but takes a full 30 seconds to respond after clicking the 'log out' button it is no lag if i sudo shutdown -h now from terminal.

knoppix warns that using the live media and eventually the system begins to slow, and that still applies to a write protected flash memory card. no i don't mean just leaving the computer booted up all the time the parts inside the computer slow down as they get older. there are a ton of things that cause problems that good design can deal with most issues people get with windows but that doesn't stop bitrot or normal failure or slowdown of the chip and other components...

the only thing that deals with component slowdown is buying new components. there is not one OS that doesn't have the same problems without requiring replacement of parts known to fail or slow down things.

Comment: Re:Question from the lawn (Score 2) 35

by kesuki (#48043927) Attached to: DARPA Technology Could Uncover Counterfeit Microchips

the real use of this tech is not to kill counterfeiting it is to know what a chips parts look like. also a malware/spyware IC isn't something that can be ruled out by a simple test of if it does as advertised. i have a $40 tablet that connects to a chatbot system based on yahoo messenger everytime i activate the official android yahoo messenger from play market i get a 'friend' request from an offline user who one or more days later asks if i want to see them naked on a webcam.

if that iRulu tablet is feeding my data to a yahoo messenger botnet (they are a F rated company on the BBB have a cheesy website etc) who knows what else it is trying to do... and if you think 'just root the damn thing' there isn't a really well documented screen shot by screenshot of how to say load an alternative os, because apparently it is illegal to do so on a tablet because the term 'tablet' was too obscure for the judge to rule on it.

so yeah shining a laser on a chip to know what it really has on there is huge, especially for military use.

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