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Comment: Re:Not a Playstation controller (Score 2) 232

by Eberlin (#42242821) Attached to: Playstation Controller Runs Syrian Rebel Tank

Of course it's not a first-party PS1 controller. You wouldn't want to show off your real weaponry to the public. In the future we'll hear about the mythical SHAM-alamadingdong Tank that was used to Dual-Shock and Awe the Syrian government and totally pwn those n00bs. It's all about the plans within plans, man.


Anonymous Leaks New Batch of Data 53

Posted by timothy
from the free-for-all dept.
Orome1 writes "Anonymous has made available for download another batch of data, including those belonging to the Zimbabwean government, Mosman Municipal Council, Universal Music Group Partners (umusic.com's usernames/passwords and other data), Viacom (internal mapping of Viacom and its servers) and Brazilian Government (dumps and passwords)."

LulzSec Announces That It Is Done 412

Posted by timothy
from the oh-they-all-say-that dept.
MaxBooger writes "LulzSec, the notorious hacker group that's been on a rampage, just announced that it's disbanding. This follows 50 days' chaos during which time it took down several websites (including CIA.gov at one point), exposed passwords, exposed documents of the Arizona penal system, and at one point threatened to hit Too Big To Fail banks. Obviously, it's possible that the group will not abide by its promise to quit. Nobody knows."

StartSSL Suspends Services After Security Breach 54

Posted by timothy
from the alliteration-above-averted dept.
An anonymous reader writes "StartSSL has suspended issuance of digital certificates and related services following a security breach on 15 June. A trademark of Eddy Nigg's StartCom, the StartSSL certificate authority is well known for offering free domain validated SSL certificates, but also sells organisation and extended validation certificates."

Fired IT Worker Replaces CEO's Presentation With Porn 316

Posted by samzenpus
from the best-meeting-ever dept.
An anonymous reader writes "52-year-old Walter Powell wanted revenge when he was fired from his position as an IT manager at Baltimore Substance Abuse System Inc. So, he hacked into their systems — installing keyloggers to steal passwords. Then, when his CEO was giving a presentation to the board of directors he replaced the slides with pornographic images. Powell has now been given a 2 year suspended sentence, and 100 hours community service."

WordPress.org Hacked, Plugin Repository Compromised 110

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the ok-that's-kinda-scary dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Back in April hackers gained access to the WordPress.com servers and exposed passwords/API keys for Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now, hackers gained access to Wordpress.org and the plugin repository. Malicious code was found in several commits including popular plugins such as AddThis, WPtouch, or W3 Total Cache. Matt Mullenweg decided to force-reset all passwords on WordPress.org. This is a great reminder for all users not use the same password for two different services."

Comment: Re:Hey, I have one of those too! (Score 1) 202

by Eberlin (#36238244) Attached to: Robots Retrieve Your Books At U. Chicago's $81 Million Library

Thank you. Working at the local history room of a library, I tend to cringe when people blindly ask "who needs a library these days?" We're working on digitizing a lot of things and putting them up online. I've been at it for a few years and with all the stuff we have, it almost seems like we've barely started. Among other things, we're currently trying to digitize a subject index of the local newspaper(s) spanning from the 1890s to the early 1990s. The index was originally done with index cards and is housed in an old card catalog. Nowhere near done, we're already reaping benefits from being able to do keyword searches for names not listed as the subject.

Then there are the local yearbooks and city directories, old maps, a school-published book on a town that doesn't exist anymore, history on local banks (now gone), and some information on the people behind the local street names. But yeah, there's still a lot of people out there who believe we don't need libraries anymore.


SCO Puts Unix Assets On the Block 217

Posted by timothy
from the neck-is-slender-executioner-very-skilled dept.
itwbennett writes "SCO Group announced Thursday that it plans to auction off most of its Unix assets, including 'certain UNIX system V software products and related services,' ITworld reports. 'This asset sale is an important step forward in ensuring business continuity for our customers around the world,' said Ken Nielsen, SCO chief financial officer, in a statement. 'Our goal is to ensure continued viability for SCO, its customers, employees and the Unix technology.' Interested parties must submit a bid for the assets by Oct. 5."

Comment: I know what I'd buy... (Score 1) 217

by Eberlin (#33431084) Attached to: SCO Assets Going To October Auction

and if everyone else just chipped in and bought those $699 Loonix licenses they were selling, SCO wouldn't be in this mess to begin with.

Actually, I'll buy the rights to "/*" and "*/" and proceed to sue anyone that uses those symbols for IP violations. Maybe Microsoft will buy a license from me for a few mil so I can go after those freeloading Free Software programmers. Or maybe they can convince a canadian bank to invest in me so it doesn't look like they're the ones funding my litigation.

Then I can get the folks from Yank & Grope to echo my FUD so I can ride the credibility of MMORPGara and Diiddo. Nah, I wouldn't want Pb&J after me.

Oh yeah...



Comment: Re:Stop raining on our OSS parade with your "facts (Score 1) 426

by Eberlin (#32747910) Attached to: YouTube Explains Where HTML5 Video Fails

That must've been a 486DX 'cause my ol SX couldn't do mp3s. Damn math co-processors! I had to settle for midis, .ra, and .au files. But not too much since Win 3.1 and all the other crap took up a lot of space on my 210MB hard drive.

Won't even discuss the old XT with dual 5 1/4 drives...which did wonders with some sheet music and GWBASIC's "play" command. Meh, the machine played arkanoid well enugh.

Yeah, now they've got mp3 players smaller than a pink pearl eraser. Damn these kids and their newfangled technology! I guess this is where I yell something about demanding that the juvenile miscreants evacuate my cultivated patch of grass.

Machines certainly can solve problems, store information, correlate, and play games -- but not with pleasure. -- Leo Rosten