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Ask Slashdot: Anti-Theft Products For the Over-Equipped Household? 408

Posted by timothy
from the exploding-dye-packs dept.
First time accepted submitter Dufflepod (3656815) writes "After yet another hardware purchase last week, I realized with some alarm just how drastically an enterprising burglar could increase the crapulence quotient of my life if they ever made off with my hardware. The house is alarmed, but much to my annoyance it isn't always set when people go out for any length of time. Ideally I want to 'alarm' the expensive items among my various PCs, UPS, NAS box, test equipment, and some of the sundry other gadgets & gizmos I require to stroke my inner geek. Over the past few days I have spent hours Googling for every combination of "anti-theft perimeter alarm radius motion detector vibration wireless" etc etc.. I have found various possible solutions, though the cost of some of them does make my eyes water (eg SonicShock @ €150/box). Has anyone out there decided to bite-the-bullet and protect their kit with decent alarms, and do you have any suggested 'do's & don'ts'?" So how would you secure valuable items, as opposed to securing the entire place?

Comment: Not bad, just lazy. (Score 1) 627

by Earl The Squirrel (#46327563) Attached to: Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

As one poster wrote, using a spell checker when you write a novel doesn't make you a bad writer. That's true, but it doesn't make you a better speller.

An IDE doesn't make you a bad programmer, but it doesn't make you any better at retaining the language specifics (any more than a spell checker helps you become a better speller... people don't use it to "improve a weak skill" they use it "instead of developing the weak skill"... )

I've seen plenty of folks who can think, but couldn't do ANYTHING without an IDE. That's like a carpenter who uses an electric circular saw, but couldn't use a hand saw if the power was out....

Comment: Open Source, but voids a warranty? (Score 1) 74

It it just me, or does this make no sense. Isn't Open Source suppose to ALLOW you to run the SW in any form, as you like on a piece of HW?
Ok, so this only runs on Google's HW... and they are within their right to set terms of what they're going to support. But this sure sounds really screwed up...
and at least doesn't seem to follow the "spirit" of Open Source, though it does follow the "letter-of-the-law"...

Google continues to slide on my score sheet. Use to seem to be taking a new exciting path, now just turning into yet another huge corp, with a similar mental model as any other. (Granted they all have their own tweaks, but they're not anything special any more). Nothing to see here, move along there...

Comment: History repeats and repeats... (Score 2) 1174

For some reason, the whole "this person" or "that person" is homophobic is starting to sound like in the 50's when it was "that person is a commie".
People are getting attacked for believing (or are even assumed to believe) something others don't believe in. The side that's screaming the loudest then gets to blacklist those folks and keep them from working. Sheesh.

Comment: A reason for a return trip for at least two people (Score 1) 206

by Earl The Squirrel (#40822169) Attached to: Images Show Apollo Moon Flags Still Standing

So, since Neil and Buzz's flag fell over, I think they can call dibs on a 2nd flight to the Moon to fix that.... to be historically accurate they'd have to be the ones who did it... like having the original painter repair a masterpiece... the only way to do it right :-)

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Journal: Robots that address a social problem. 1

Journal by Earl The Squirrel

Since the dawn of SF, we have envisioned how robots will help solve issues plaguing mankind. They have made great strides in manufacturing/assembly , roombas, and hobbyist robots, but I thought that the dream of robots solving social issues hadn't really materialized. However, a friend recently went to the Middle East, and found the following sport Camel Racing which has


+ - Our version of Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie...

Submitted by Earl The Squirrel
Earl The Squirrel (463078) writes "On Oct 12, 2011, Dennis Richie, creator of C and co-creator to Unix has died. As the hero's of our generation age, it's sad to say this will invariably happen, but it's sad for all of us who continue. Let's be sure to thank and salute those who have made what we enjoy so much. Losing two so close together makes it even harder."

+ - HP Touch Pad still Popular with HP Employees 1

Submitted by Earl The Squirrel
Earl The Squirrel (463078) writes "Today HP made available to their employees (via their EPP store) one last batch of HP Touch Pads. The response has been so overwhelming that if you go to the HP store right now, you'll get the "Please try again later" page. HP employees have "slashdotted" their own store."

Comment: Re:It has been seen before (Score 0) 236

by Earl The Squirrel (#37046132) Attached to: Google Pulls Plug On Programming For the Masses

Yeah, there should be a web page for ALL the various products that Google has killed, and some of the "impact" assessment. I mean how many is it by now?
Geeze, off the top of my head I can think of a few... Wave, Gears, Bookmark sync, Google Answers, Google Video, Dodgeball, etc, etc.

Using a Google tool in any sort of "production" environment is a real crap shoot, in my opinon...

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