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Submission + - Cyberattacks Jumped 81% in 2011, Vulnerabilities Dropped (

wiredmikey writes: In its latest threat report released on Monday, Symantec revealed that while the number of vulnerabilities fell by 20% in 2011, the number of malicious attacks jumped by 81% and the number of Web-based attacks that the company blocked jumped by 36%. Moreover, the number of unique malware variants surpassed 400 million.

Another interesting takeaway from the report is the fact that targeted attacks are growing. Symantec notes that the number of daily targeted attacks increased from 77 per day to 82 per day by the end of 2011. More than 50 percent of such attacks target organizations with fewer than 2,500 employees, and almost 18 percent target companies with fewer than 250 employees. When it comes to the actual targets, 58 percent of attacks focused on employees in roles such as human resources, public relations, and sales.


Submission + - Seven patent lawsuits you should know about (

jfruhlinger writes: They may not be as high profile as Apple vs. Android, but all of these lawsuits reveal something about our weird and broken tech patent system. From a case squabbling over damages for a patent that expired years ago to a move to use patents the way the Feds used tax evasion against Capone, here are seven patent lawsuits of interest.

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