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Comment: Identity Fraud is pretty unknown in Germany (Score 1) 1359

by EachLennyAPenny (#28492757) Attached to: Emigrating To a Freer Country?
> Here, I have to present (and have recorded) ID

Being German to me this is a good thing. I lived 32 years without even knowing that something like identity fraud existed. Why is that? Because if someone wants to do business in your name he has to prove he is you. With his ID card.

Then i moved to the UK and learned about identity fraud. The UK have identity cards, too. But they have no pictures, are easy to fake and are send every month by mail. They are called "utility bills".

And for the paranoids: if the government wants to know where you live, they'd ask one of the few energy suppliers. To me it seems a ID card less system has all the disadventages but none of the advantages.

Comment: Unfortunately it does not work that way (Score 4, Insightful) 405

by EachLennyAPenny (#26358695) Attached to: Apple's Life After Steve Jobs

There is a simple solution: just follow the mac rumour sites and skim the ideas which make sense (physical, technological, ergonomic, etc.) and turn them into products.

There is a problem with that.

People tend to not know what they want. Noone demanded something like the iPhone.

The secret is to understand their wishes and offer them far more than what they've asked for.


+ - How do you select a software license?

Submitted by
indraneil writes "I am a code monkey and have been so for close to 5 years now. I have recently been doing some self-started work that lets me design, implement and test stuff all by myself. A couple of people have liked my prototype and wanted to use it.
I would be happy to let others use it, but I am unsure of what license to release it under. My CS course did not include any awareness of licensing and while I am aware of GPL, LGPL, Apache, BSD and Creative Commons licenses, I never got around to understanding them fully to be able to form an opinion on what suits me best. I notice that sourceforge also expects me to specify my licensing choice, while I am setting up my project.
So my question is:
If a person who does not know licensing, where does (s)he start to begin to be able to get a clearer picture of the same?"

+ - Intel to launch Linux-powered mobile Internet devi

Submitted by daria42
daria42 (866794) writes "Intel is developing its own take on the mini-tablet, with a new ultra-mobile PC platform to be announced at this week's Intel Developer Forum in Beijing. The big surprise? It's based on Linux. Called a Mobile Internet Device (pic), or MID, the devices will have screen sizes from 4.5 to six inches with a target audience described as "consumers and prosumers" rather than mobile professionals."

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