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+ - Battle Over RIAA Expert Reliability Continues

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NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The battle over the "reliability" of the RIAA's expert witness, Dr. Doug Jacobson of Iowa State, continues, with the RIAA defending its expert by arguing that "everyone in his field proceeds the same way he did", to which the defendant responded by reminding the judges of the witness's own testimony that his "method" was invented by himself a year and a half ago, and has never been shared with, much less accepted by, anyone else in the "scientific community".... a prerequisite for admissibility of expert testimony in federal court under the Daubert case."

+ - Chinese researchers manipulated data in Sweden lab

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An anonymous reader writes "In 2005, researchers in Sweden seemed to settle the question when they announced that messenger RNA from the FT gene was the mobile signal to trigger flowering. But this week, the Swedish team formally retracted this claim. "A guest researcher from China who had been invited to join our team manipulated the data to get false results," says Ove Nilsson at Umeå University in Sweden. The Chinese researcher, Tao Huang, who is no longer at Umeå University, still stands by his results, says Nilsson. This event has raised concerns about the ethical standard of Chinese scientists in Sweden."

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