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Comment Re:Not the only factor? (Score 1) 324

Whether you like Apple or not, Its absurd to say that the great majority of iOS users don't use the default messaging application, it's the IE of instant messaging on iOS. Maybe you don't realize that the default messaging system on iOS communicates via either iMessage or SMS automatically??

Comment Re:Not the only factor? (Score 1) 324

I'm talking more about iMessage, everyone that has iOS and/or a Mac uses iMessage and the built-in messaging app for SMS as well, 3rd party messaging apps don't integrate as well because its iOS of course.

I use Hangouts on iOS for VoIP calls and SMS on my Google Voice number, but I know exactly one other person out of hundreds of acquaintances that even does that.

Comment Re:Not the only factor? (Score 1) 324

Even if I had an iPhone, I wouldn't use any of these services and would use cross-platforms alternatives instead, when possible.

Good luck getting family, friends and co-workers to use cross-platform alternatives when they're technically inept or apathetic. Then, the moment they F something up on their own device they start blaming you for installing Hangouts on their iPhone, as if that's the cause.

Comment Re: Comcast Planning Gigabit Cable For Entire US I (Score 1) 253

No, they never offer to let you simply buy a cable modem outright, you "lease" it and pay $9/mo or something ridiculous like that, for the life of your service, which conveniently works out to way more than a cable modem costs in a little over a year. You can bring your own approved cable modem, but they will try to blame every line issue you ever have on your "unsupported" cable modem.

Comment I wonder how they're jamming? (Score 1) 188

I'm curious if anyone has witnessed this in action, do they block cell signals entirely? If they're jamming WiFi spectrum for example, you could still use your phone for data, or tether it to a PC or router/wired LAN. If they're blocking cell signals entirely, all it would take is one medical emergency where someone couldn't get a call out to 911, huge liability. I suppose they could also jam bands so that phones could only obtain a sluggish 2G data signal, then calls and texts would still work but data would be saturated and almost useless.

Comment Re:As much as conveniently fits (Score 1) 350

The first thing he did with it? Run minecraft with a visibility setting that ate up all 16GB of ram.

I find this comical, I've never played Minecraft but what I've seen of it looks like the graphics engine was borrowed from the original Castle Wolfenstein 3D. I would've never even thought the game was 64-bit and could address more than 4GB of RAM. From a quick Google search I see that it is Java-based and indeed capable of 64-bit addressing, what could it possibly be doing with that much RAM!?

Comment Re:Worse than you think. (Score 1) 399

As it turns out, configd doesn't make any calls to Bash, so OS X and iOS are safe from DHCP exploits in this case. Also noteworthy, relatively ancient versions of OS X and BSD also don't default to the Bash shell.

Comment Re:Why do people put up with this shit? (Score 1) 164

Yeah, we had the dumb luck of rolling out a test of the new system image with the CC Packager distro on it to two workstations last night. When the designers arrived this morning they realized that none of their Adobe software would work.

I'm glad that I was able to convince the department manager that having ALL of the designer's workstations updated with the new software without some testing would be a bad idea, they'd all be dead in the water waiting on restores from backup to finish.

Comment Re:NO Photoshop for you! (Score 1) 164

Actually, none of the CC apps work at all if the user hasn't had a chance to log in and activate them yet.

This is exactly what happened to us, fortunately we only rolled the image with the CC Packager distro out two user's workstations as a test. As a result, they are both pretty much doing no design work until this is resolved.

I'm sure we'll see a credit on our accounts due to an entire day of lost services that we paid for, right? Just like the cable and cell companies that hold monopolies in their respective markets do, right?

Comment Re:Another Bogus Amber Alert (Score 1) 382

Simply being bipolar doesn't make someone a risk for killing their kid.

I used to think like that, but as I've grown older I've realized that some people are just totally unpredictable. It depends on the severity and other combined conditions, but there are batshit crazy examples popping up in the local and national news all the time. People say things like "oh I knew she was crazy, but I never thought she'd do something like that!", yeah we aren't all qualified psychological evaluators and apparently even those who are qualified make mistakes as well.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 382

My kids' school does something similar. Every bleeping day they have 2-6 "important announcements" that they have to call my cell phone about. Every day I let them go to voice mail and delete it unheard, not because I don't care, but because I actually did listen to them in the beginning and they were never important announcements. It was often crap like grade so-and-so is having a fund raiser, or remember to send (thing) if your child is going on the field trip my kids weren't going on.

Oh man, some smart ass kid (I'm guessing) wrote their area code one digit off on the form that the stupid ass school presumably trusted the kid to fill out correctly. I started getting like 3-5 voicemails a day from some charter school in Texas with this annoying ass bubbly principal talking all GOOOO HIGHLANDERS about pep rallies, dress codes and attendance rates. Thankfully it was my GoogleVoice number so I promptly blocked it, and several other subsequent numbers, but I then started getting pre-recorded calls from all kinds of teachers telling me about how lil Jasmine ditched their class or whatnot. AND they are NEVER an actual human or auto-attendant system that you can actually use to get ahold of someone to get them to STOP calling. It went on for months before I had all of the various outgoing numbers blocked. Be thankful your child doesn't go to that school, it's F'n full on phone harassment.

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