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Comment: Re:The Religious Right will have your head on a pl (Score 2) 469

by EWAdams (#46671631) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

None of what you say say changes the fact that the Religious Right is vehemently opposed to teaching critical thinking and is using their political power to ensure that it is not taught in schools. Democrats may read tea leaves, but they don't insist that reading tea leaves be part of the science curriculum.

Comment: Re:Moderation != Censorship (Score 1) 406

It depends on what analogy you use for your blog. If your blog is an anonymous bulletin board in which any idiot can post anything he likes, fine -- but don't expect decent people to spend much time there. Mine is a cocktail party in my own home.

It's still not "censorship," though. At most it is editorial selection.

Comment: Re:Moderation != Censorship (Score 1) 406

Sounds like you're an idiot who thinks that censorship solely involves the government. It doesn't. Private entities can censor things.

Yes it does. YOU don't know what censorship means. Private entities are perfectly entitled to control the speech in spaces they own any way they like. If you come to a party at my house and start spouting offensive opinions, I'll throw you out. That's not censorship, that's being hospitable to my other guests.

Censorship is the use of government power and ONLY government power. All else is up for grabs.

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by EWAdams (#43026331) Attached to: The U.S. minimum wage should be

Skycaps and grocery baggers were an exploited underclass. Waiters and busboys still are. Socially just nations either go self-service or impose regulations to guarantee a decent living.

There's no tipping in restaurants in New Zealand because there's no need; the law requires that servers be paid a living wage. This is a far superior way to run a country.

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