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Comment Re:Decent List (Score 1) 183

Having actually read TFA, it didn't make any mention of why video arcade games were excluded from the contest.
I still remember being so excited when Pac-Man was announced for the Atari 2600, and so utterly disappointed at the graphics and game-play when I actually popped in the cartridge for the first time.

This is especially head scratching since they are including a Pac Man arcade console as one of the playable games at the exhibition.

Comment Re:Really?!?! (Score 1) 369

That reminds me of the Jerry Seinfeld skit (or maybe it was in Seinfeld, the show) where he talks about not knowing what to do with his hands if he were on a nude beach. I think he came about with the idea of just wearing a belt with pockets attached to it so he could at least put his hands somewhere.

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