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+ - Solar Energy at 3 cents per kW hour-> 1

Submitted by EEJD
EEJD (901217) writes "I am part of a solar energy start-up, Pulsar Energy (, that has recently come out of stealth mode. We exhibited at the Solar Power International ( conference in LA in October and have started generating a buzz with our claim of 3 cents per kWhr solar power generation. Our solution relies on a lightweight, robust, inexpensive design and our proprietary solar thermal engine and is able to convert the sun's energy into electrical energy at ~30% efficiency, plus an additional 30-40% usable heat (apprx 200 degrees C). We were recently published in the San Francisco Examiner ( Our goal was to create a solar energy solution that could be competitive with, or cheaper than, anything the fossil fuel industry has been able to manage- and to do it without any government incentives or subsidies. We have a proof of concept in the lab already and are looking to build prototypes that we can stick in fields all over the world to test this spring. We are confidently targeting $1 per watt installed."
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Real Life Cash Card Launched To Access Your Virtual Money 184

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the kinda-wish-this-was-fake dept.
Izeickl writes "The BBC is reporting that "A real world cash card that allows gamers to spend money earned in a virtual universe has been launched. Gamers can use the card at cash machines around the world to convert virtual dollars into real currency. The card is offered by the developers of Project Entropia, an online role-playing game that has a real world cash economy.""

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