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Comment Re:marketing speak: "customer experience" (Score 1) 527

I think they need to be crystal clear about what they're collecting, when, and provide a way to really opt out. That said, CEIP is how they learn what people are doing with the OS. What program do they use, what control panel apps do they run, what settings do they change, how do they use the start menu. CEIP data is where they decided that no one used the start menu, so it was OK to trash it. Of course, all of us power users turning those features off meant they had a really bad sample population.

Comment Re:Automated attack (Score 1) 152

Because this system would show the attacker an account and password for every manager password entered.

With a normal password manager, the attacker is told if they're right or wrong. With something like this, when it tries Password! on the manager, it gets results, just they're wrong and it has to try to use one to find out. Then it tries Password1 on the manager, gets results, has to test, etc. So it has to add a verification step and not just attack the password manager. Of course, you're likely to lock out the account you're using for verification before you hit on the right password.

Comment Get rid of the crap sites (Score 1) 276

Get rid of the sites that have a single paragraph and then a registration or paywall blocking the rest of the content.

Get rid of the sites that are just copies of other pages with ads.

Or let us easily block a site from appearing in results in the future. Enough users vote a site off, have a human take a look to see if they should remove it for everyone.

Comment Re:Persistence is not omnipotent. (Score 5, Insightful) 385

Persistence doesn't mean trying the same thing over and over until it works. Persistence is trying to achieve your goals over and over again until you're successful. So you might bang your head on the wall a few times, realize that won't work and then try different things until you break it down.

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