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Comment I think I'll wait (Score 1) 118 118

I think I'll wait for the reviews, I don't really know much of about the developer and the one game of theirs I've played didn't impress me. Maybe it was because they sucked at humor I dunno or maybe I'm just not the humors sort. Kickstarter is nice but you got to be careful any charlatan could promise you the moon and stars and deliver you nothing or worse a pile of shit.

I'm not really a huge kickstarter fan I've backed only two projects which were books by one of my favorite authors. Someone who had earned my trust. That said I'm not against it and will most likely end up buying Wasteland II soon after it comes out.

Comment Mean while in america (Score 1, Insightful) 401 401

Mean while in america we fine 1.92 billion HSBC for laundering money for terrorists and drug lords. Apparently laundering money for terrorists and drug lords is only 2.5 (roughly) times as bad as not complying with an EU court settlement.

Comment Nope because at the end of the day (Score -1) 103 103

No because at the end of the day Video games are art, not technology. Sure it's got lots of technological aspects, but it has them in the same way that Architecture does. Ya Architecture is an art, one that includes all sorts of technical fields, from material science to wave forms, when trying to determine the acoustics of a room but that doesn't mean a highly innovative architectural firm is the most innovative tech company out there.

Comment Re:Planetside 2 (Score 2) 303 303

Ya but sony hasn't really figured out the Micro part of the microtransactions. The only reason I bought anything in that game was because of triple SC day and then spent it on Packs, and daily sales. Doing that stuff was pretty cheap but otherwise a gun costs 7 dollars and you can only buy cash in 5 dollar increments. It's stupid and counter productive if you ask me.

Comment I'm sort of confused (Score 1) 143 143

How is a politician having sex corruption? It's hypocrisy if they are the family values party line, and if they are married its cheating but at best I could say he was exposing a scandal not exposing corruption. Now if he was taking bribes, or something that might be corruption.

Comment Good maybe (Score 5, Insightful) 217 217

Good maybe, they can get back to providing a good service/product for reasonable prices and a modest profit rather than the 100% as much money as possible even at the expense of future profits model that the current corporate culture in the world seems to mandate as the norm.

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