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Comment Hot Rod Dinosaurs (Score 1) 117

The PC has it's place, but basically when you have near the power of a laptop at your fingertips with broadband speeds, things that you would normally go "check on the computer" just aren't done any more.

Sure when you have work to do you need an actual workstation but the days of the Desktop (Personal Computer) let's not forget what PC stands for... are gone your real "personal computer" sits in your pocket.

If MS really wants to reignite the PC industry they need a compelling reason for you to sit your @#$ down... and take it seriously. In other words, focus on BIG things that your phone just can't do... markets evolve, and companies need to evolve with them. Who would have thought that in 2015, the OS debates would be centering around Google and Apple, and that they would be about MOBILE OS'.... and that MS would be the one that everyone predicts the "Death of" at least in the mobile space.

Comment Re:If I had a child now (Score 1) 657

This is our culture of fear and ignorance blossoming!

We have a society which ostracizes the individual in favor of group think. Anyone not conforming to the pre-defined mold is immediately cast as suspect, ridiculed and shunned. Some of these individuals will take this negative energy and overcome adversity. Others will snap and go on killing sprees.

Acceptance should be pushed in schools, Get to know people because I can guarantee you no person (group thinker or loner) is the person they are viewed as on the surface. I understand that this is a fight against our animal nature, but what virtue isn't?

Fear is a major problem we have here in America. Though there is a large segment who would balk at that assertion. That fear is due in part to our geographical isolation. We simply don't have the daily exposure to different cultures and peoples and everyone fears things they do not understand.

People are always available for work in the past tense.