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Comment Re:Waiting for the trolls... (Score 1) 41

...which is basically creating a Streisand effect, and since she's jewish it'll lead to jokes about jews... which is basically anti-semitism... which leads to NAZI jokes... which leads to Mel Brooks... who is jewish, but also makes black people jokes, which leads back to KFC, which leads back to South Africa... which leads to .. Kevin Bacon... Why Kevin Bacon you ask...? ...because all roads lead to Kevin Bacon eventually. Thank you.

Comment ...and the wealthy shall live FOREVER! (Score 1) 692

Age reversal won't happen to everyone right away... you know who gets it first right... you betcha... the $$$ crowd. So think about it, you've amassed this giant fortune, and NOW you get to enjoy it forever and ever and ever.... meanwhile, all those who slaved to created that wealth, well... they just get to wither and die, leaving a dwidling population to be slaves to the ultra wealthy.

If this weren't conspiracy theory kind of stuff it would be downright scary!

Comment Distribution of Information (Score 1) 260

Gosh people believed what a scientist had to say... WHAT A STORY... next thing you know people will be taking their doctors advice! Scientists by and large are a trusted segment of the public, with the public having an understanding of the scientific process and that scientists CAN be wrong. That's how our information works. Researchers do experiments and publish results. News outlets pick up stories and broadcast them to a wider audience. If this disinformation had been allowed to just stand on it's own merits, it would eventually fall flat on its face as other scientists put the information to the test. The only thing this journalist accomplished was damaging the credibility of scientists! *DING* I think we have our motive.

Comment Re:overturn murder conviction? (Score 4, Insightful) 141

most incidents of wrongful imprisonment involve police investigators and prosecutors, both of which are heavily protected against any charges of wrongful imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and the like.

Maybe that's the part that needs to change. Take away some of those protections and then maybe you'll have prosecutors who will place the truth over their own careers.

Comment Re:this is science, so you have to ask... (Score 1) 301

No he wouldn't be wrong, but a better question to be studied would be "Would two male scientists doing the same research have their paper challenged in the same fashion?" because if you eliminate enough variables you have a higher probability of coming up with the correct answer.

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