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Comment: Re:Will they also bill me? (Score 1) 243

by Dusthead Jr. (#46029737) Attached to: Amazon: We Can Ship Items Before Customers Order
(Mind you, I'm not a history buff so I might be dead wrong on the whole issue. I'm bored and I like this tangent.) But isn't that what we do anyway. Pick and choose parts of other cultures that we find appealing and assemilate them into our own. And we ignore the stuff we don't agree with. Isn't that the whole "melting pot" idea? Even cultures that, by OP's definition, we find inferior. Some of the things that are at the core of our culture came from cultures that would be "inferior". I know I keep bringing that word back, I didn't chose it, but it implies a value judgement of worthlessness, something to be ignored. Do we ignore a whole culture because we find part undesirable? History disagrees.

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The problem, I think, comes when a game is a mere copy and offers nothing new. If Namco just made a clone of Space Invaders, but in color, Galaxian would have been forgotten with the rest. If you're going to copy atleast add something new.

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The practices you describe are things are thing that most civilized people can dislike regardless of weither or not its attached to a culture. All that means is that you are intolarent of certain behaviors and practices. If you find people who do the same thing in your own culture it doesn't make you a hypocrite for disliking that, too. I think that your term "cultural racist" as you discribe it could be just explained as intolarent of immoral acts. In that case, yes, most people are cultural "racists", but most folks won't deny it.

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The the question one must ask then is what cultures you find inferior, and what do you mean by inferior? The problem with this line of thinking is that it's hypocrical at it's core. If one considers a culture inferior that tends to imply that theirs is superior. Who decides that theirs is suprior? If someone claims that your superior culture is inferior do you gladly accept that or do uou call bullshit on it? If history is any indication your answer is irrelavent.

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The Shield reminds me of the Xperia Play that I bought almost 3 years ago. I thought that it was going to be the start of real mobile phone gaming, but sony treated it a a stepchild. The hardware was mediocre at best, and the screen was the worst kind of LCD. But it was a convenient machine. I really hoped to see either a Play 2, or another company tackle the a gameing phone.

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Ad tracking a little flawed because it seems to be based on the idea you might want to purchase some that you type in a search bar. Going by my own search history 5%, maybe less, of my searches has anything to do with trying to buy something. Most of the time I'm just farting around doing what amounts mindless channel surfing. I imaging most people are generally the same, spending a small about of time researching products, and most of the time looking for everything else.

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If I was that passer-by I would turn the question back at him. I would ask the camera man what shoplifting has he prevented? What robber has he identified? The camera man might be able to do those things, only if he were hidden. But let's see him catch a robber while standing right next to him, with a gun. I would like to see footage of that.

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Has anyone ever had a song that kept playing in their heads slowly over time change into something else. I'd have a song that would change pitch, or lose or gain notes, and the lyrics would get jumbled. That would happen if I listened to a song once or twice, and didn't hear it again for a few days, and then its like a different song. Is it just me?

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